Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fayetteville Tea Party

There was a very nice crowd in the Fayetteville Town Center. I'm not that good on estimates but I heard that nearly 1,000 showed up. The atmosphere was different from last years. Last year is was more passionate and frenzied. This year it was more focused. Unlike last year, candidates actually wanted to be seen in the crowd. I think they all had their signs up and had a table with their literature. Heh, what a difference a year makes.

Dick Morris warmed up the crowd really well. (Video below) He collared the Congressional candidates who were present and asked them have they signed ATR's no tax increase pledge. When he got a "yes they had or will" out of them he nailed Steve Womack for refusing to sign the pledge. He said not to vote for Womack. He graciously said he'd take it back if Womack would call him and agree to sign it.

There were protesters at the rally. Yup, I counted 3 of them across the street. Poor things, I hope they really listened to the speakers and learned something. The rest of us had fun. Great speakers, a beautiful day and great big job to complete. November Is Coming.

The Tolbert Report interviewed Dick Morris and notes that Steve Womack has signed ATR's pledge.