Thursday, August 28, 2008

Americans Will Work

President Bush and John McCain have been proven wrong again. Americans do what the jobs Bush and McCain claim they won't do.
It's an idea that maddens Samantha Stevens, 18, of Heidelberg, who was among those who pulled up to Avenue A across from the plant's entrance throughout the day. She said she has been unable to find a job since she graduated from Heidelberg High School in the spring and blames, in part, the willingness of companies to hire illegal workers.

Just one reason why people are so unhappy with the way illegal immigration has been handled. It's not right that illegals are taking jobs away from American citizens.

Arkansas Cruelty to Animals, Again

So it happens again, another report of a horrific animal cruelty case. Sigh, it’s another teenager involved again. It this what Arkansas is teaching their children? That it’s perfectly fine to mutilate animals. It is really shameful that Arkansas is one of 5 states that hasn't enacted felony animal cruelty laws. It's time, folks, for Arkansas to make it plain that it is socially unacceptable to intentionally cause unnecessary pain, suffering, and/or death of an animal.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Temple of O

The Obama's have been trying to show everyone this week that they are just ordinary working class people. Michelle describe herself as a simple mother and wife while Barack made the ultimate sacrifice to serve the community rather than work on Wall Street. They are truly "one of us". During the convention Barack was seen hanging out in the living room of ordinary citizens. So why did they ruin the whole story line by Obama's attempting to portray himself as some sort of god? Well, the McCain campaign has been kind enough to provide some tips on appropriate attire. I'm sure the Arkansas delegates will be pleased to know that all the materials needed for their attire can be found in their hotel room.

Fired Up to Destroy Arkansas' Economy

Winter is soon approaching and many are hoping that it's not going to be a cold one. A cold winter will really hit people's wallet this year because of the higher cost of fuel. Arkansas would be one of the states hardest hit.
Arkansas continues to have one of the nation's highest poverty rates and lowest median household incomes, as high gas prices and housing worries still trouble the country, new U.S. Census Bureau data shows.

The plight of the poor in Arkansas apparently doesn't concern Fran Alexander and her fellow eco-terrorists on the Arkansas Commission on Global Warming. The proposed coal burning plant in Hempstead county would produce more needed electricity in Arkansas. More available power would keep energy prices down and it would mean that poorer families would be able to keep their lights and heat on. However, flushed with the defeat of 18 coal burning plants in Texas, Fran and her partners are attempting to do the same in Arkansas.
America should have had a sensible energy plan in place decades ago if it weren't for the success of the Fran and her friends. Their success has suppressed the energy production we need today to grow and prosper. Fuel, energy and food prices are so high today because of the actions of these terrorists who have been waging war on America's energy production. These people haven't just been battling energy production they've been attacking the poor. Arkansas is already feeling the results of their war on the poor.
"The reality of these numbers are worse than what they're showing us," said Kevin Fitzpatrick, a sociology professor at the University of Arkansas. "There are more people looking into shelters and showing up in soup kitchens and trying to access services this year in 2008 than ... last year."

How many people are going to give up heating their homes this winter because they can't afford it? How many will try to heat their homes with other cheaper, less safe methods? How many people are going to die this winter of carbon monoxide poisoning or from fires?
I like to know if Governor Beebe is going to listen to a Committee of people who have been foolish enough to have been duped by greedy scientists and a wash-up politician or is he going to listen to the suffering people of Arkansas? Is Governor Beebe's coffer filled with money from the eco-terrorists such that it drowns out the children dying in this winter's house fires?
What about jobs? More electrical plants mean that more companies could move into Arkansas. More companies would mean more jobs and more revenue for the state. Governor Beebe is crowing about his success in bringing these companies to Arkansas. Still, I wonder. Is Gov. Beebe going to listen to families needing to be gainfully employed or to the eco-terrorists?
What about the plans of these environmentalist's to reduce our dependence on oil? Senator Obama has a desired to
Put 1 Million Plug-In Hybrid cars - cars that get 150 miles per gallon - on the road by 2015, cars that we will make sure are built here in America.

I like to ask a real obvious question. Where is Senator Obama going to get the electricity to run these cars? Duhhh!
These environmental wackos frustrate me to no end. They are so blinded by their desire to protect the earth that they end up destroying an economy that makes it possible to fund the programs that protect the earth. It also frustrates me that political policies that impoverish people are made on a fraudulent theory like global warming. What's really pitiful is that people won't learn from the destruction that the Global Warming Fraud has done. Politicians and people will once again be either duped or be too cowardly to stand up for the truth.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Fayetteville, Motercycle/Scooter Parking

I've had a scooter for several months now. I purchased a used one when gas was just over $3 and quickly rising to $4 and rumors that it would go up to $5. As work is less than 10 miles away, I thought the scooter would work fine for me. I have been extremely pleased with it. I have saved quite a bit of money and I am able to utilize my truck on the weekends without having to shell out more money. I would like to have more parking spaces for motorcycle and scooters. I do park in a regular parking space, but I feel bad about taking up the whole space. I also worry that people think a space is empty, pull in and realize that there is a cycle there and hit it. I like how Dickson Street has the cycle spots in front of Jose's. There needs to be more of them around Fayetteville. It would be nice if the larger retailers were to re stripe a few parking spaces and designate them for cycles.
I really enjoy riding the scooter and I will probably keep riding it even as gas goes lower. I really like the money I'm saving and really love the early morning ride. Heck, if I can some how manage it monetarily, I'd move up to a motorcycle.

Parking Story

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another Toy to Play With

Toby has discovered the mouse pointer. It's real easy to perch on the printer and try to catch it on the monitor. Toby has a big day tomorrow. He is going to the vet for the "procedure". Tomorrow morning he won't get any breakfast. This isn't going to be pleasant.

More cats at Friday Ark

DNC, Tossing Out the Red, White and Blue

It appears that the Democrat Party has decide not to show any patriotism at their convention. Got to get rid of the old red, white and blue. Doesn't that stage look like it should be in Hollywood rather than at an American political convention?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Washington County Fair, Wednesday Night

I manned the Republican Party's booth at the Washington County fair for a few hours tonight. Oh boy, it was so nice and cool! Other summers it has always been so hot. Candidates are stopping by and talking to people. We put Mark Martin to work blowing up balloons. Working the booth is fun because you get to eat, drink, hang out and talk.

Erval Frayley, Washington County Judge Candidate, has quite a crew working for him. They've put up a really nice booth and he has everyone working hard.
I've noticed that there weren't very many rides. My favorite, the Ferris wheel, wasn't in the midway. I was told that some of the rides didn't make it from Missouri. Bummer! The food is good though! You have to stop at the Cattleman's Association. They make a mean cheeseburger and the blackberry cobble is great.

UPDATE: Thursday Eve, the Ferris wheel is up!

The Energy Ads in the Paper

I was reading through a section of today's Arkansas Democrat Gazette where I notice that there were several large ads regarding the energy issue. One ad was from a coalition of diverse businesses, one from the American Petroleum Institute. and one from a research group. The ads were placed to
educate consumers on America’s energy resources and the need to increase domestic supplies to help create jobs, grow the economy, and lower energy costs for American families. Thomas Pyle, president, issued the following statement:
"Liberal activists have treated American energy like a four-letter word for decades, even though it’s the key to our prosperity and our high standards of living in the United States," Pyle said. "These individuals and organizations would have American citizens believe that their country is running out of oil and natural gas, that what does remain cannot be produced safely, and that development would only have a negligible effect on price. These assertions are patently false."
The pressure against the Democrats is still growing strong. The Republicans are going to make this a major issue come November. McCain has used the Russian invasion of Georgia to emphasize why American needs to have supply of oil that is not compromised by unfriendly countries.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Saddleback Forum, My Points

I finally managed to view the Saddleback Forum. The forum really revealed the difference between McCain and Obama. You really saw Obama’s shallowness contrasted with McCain’s depth. McCain’s depth comes from a life that has been enriched by hardships and sacrifice. Obama seems to be trying to come up with thoughts and ideas of his own but he keeps spewing the liberal-speak that he’s learned.

One of the most clever questions ask by Rick Warren was “When does life begin?” It wasn’t the easy question of "are you pro-choice or pro-life". The question didn’t matter what position you held, you just had to determine when you would be prepared to kill a child. Obama took the coward’s way out, “Above my pay grade”. Pathetic! Obama would have to search his soul and he can’t do that and still proceed down the path he’s chosen. Obama has already made the decision of when you can kill a baby. In Illinois, he rejected the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act of 2002. His decision makes it plain that Obama believes it’s OK to kill a baby even after it has been born.

Obama’s assault on Justice Clarence Thomas had really steamed me, but when I though it over struck me as truly absurd. I happen to really admire Justice Thomas. His autobiography was really good and I wished he’d gone in more depth. Justice Thomas really intrigues me. As for Obama’s remark that Justice Thomas wasn’t “a strong enough jurist or legal thinker”, let’s examine the facts.
By the time he was nominated, Clarence Thomas had worked in the Missouri Attorney General's office, served as an Assistant Secretary of Education, run the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and sat for a year on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, the nation's second most prominent court. Since his "elevation" to the High Court in 1991, he has also shown himself to be a principled and scholarly jurist.

Well, that sounds pretty darn impressive. Let’s see what Obama has to offer.
Obama isn't yet four years out of the Illinois state Senate, has never held a hearing of note of his U.S. Senate subcommittee, and had an unremarkable record as both a "community organizer" and law school lecturer.

You know, Justice Thomas' resume looks a whole lot more impressive than Obama’s. It’s too bad that Obama hasn’t really taken the time to get to know Justice Thomas. He’s a lot better role model for Obama than the Rev. Wright or the terrorist William Ayers.

The Blogger’s Comments

Do you ever wonder what letters to the editor never made it? Were some of them so crude, hateful and ignorant that they couldn't be published?
John Brummett wrote about the sometimes offensive comments posted on a blog. I wonder if John, like many newspaper people, is having trouble adjusting to the new form of media. John has received his share of comments about his writing but, for the most part, the general public don't have a clue about what is written unless an editor published the letter. I can't believe that all of the feedback John has received has all been positive. I bet he has had a number of anonymous letters that were downright offensive and insulting.

Blogs allow anyone to comment on a subject without being subjected to an editor's censorship. A blogger may institute some censorship. Bloggers like comments because they can increase traffic so censorship may be limited to the more extreme comments. Part of the draw of commenting on a blog is the anonymity. A lot of people won't voice their opinions because they are afraid that theirs would be rejected or mocked. I keep my comments open because I'd like to hear more from these people. Of course, it means that I also have to accept the more obnoxious comments. I think that people familiar with blogs learn to ignore the offensive comments. I'm even learning to ignore the ones that insult me personally. Sometimes I wonder if the person really means what they write or they are just trying to get attention.

The ability to comment is one of the best aspects of a blog. There have been some writers that I've wanted to know who they were because they have made some good points or arguments. When it comes down to it, if you can’t tolerate the obnoxious comments, don’t visit any blogs.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Paperless Geocaching

I'm finally free of the sheets of paper I took with me when I go geocaching. I spent most of the morning yesterday setting up the programs for my computer and my PDA. Learning how to set up my PQ's at and then adjusting the resulting file in Cachemate took a lot longer than I though it would. The end result is that I now have over 400 caches in my PDA. Boy, was I surprised and pleased that the PDA had enough memory. Now I only have to worry that my PDA is fully charged and I have extra batteries for the GPS before I leave on a trip.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

S.F., Welcome Pediophils!

An initiative coming before the voters in S.F. attempts to decriminalize prostitution. The initiative says that S.F. police resources would not be used to enforce any state laws against prostitution. The initiative appears to provide cover for child molesters. Many of the prostitutes on the street are underage and abused.
Yet the San Francisco ballot measure completely ignores the prostitution of children. The measure simply states, "Law enforcement agencies shall not allocate any resources for the investigation and prosecution of prostitutes for prostitution." Astonishingly, there's no exemption that encourages police to enforce the law for minors."

Was the measure written like this knowingly and deliberately? The problem is ,knowing the depravity of S.F., you have to consider that S.F. intends to become the place to get sex any way you want it, even with children. Organizations trying to help these children and get them off the street are not going to get any help from the city. S.F. has pretty much told their children that they don't care that they are abused and used. S.F. has truly tossed it's children in the trash.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sigh, Another One

His name is Tobias, or Toby. His name means "God is Good" and boy, has God been good to this boy. I picked him up several months ago when he ran in front of my truck on Wedington in the middle of the day. Lord, I don't know how he survived the run across 5 lanes of road. I stopped and braved the mosquito infested drainage ditch and pulled him from a bush. He was bleeding from several tears to his mouth, (fought something and lost) so I got blood on my shirt. I left him overnight at the vets because he need to have his lips repaired. The original thought was to foster him until he was healed and then get him adopted.

I was in trouble as soon as Casey saw Toby. Casey pretty much figured that he was Toby's mother and Toby absolutely adores Casey. Not content with wrapping Casey around his paws, Toby proceeded to charm the rest of the cats. At night he snuggles up to Bows. Bows has found her mothering instinct, too. I didn't realize it but the household of pets have become rather staid. Toby has certainly liven the place up. Anyway, I have come to rationalize Toby's continued presence in the house. Trixie is having a really difficult time getting up and down now. I rarely take her out of the house because she has difficulty walking. I'm expecting her to die anytime soon. I had thought to get another dog to keep Casey company, but since he has adopted Toby I'll just drop that idea. I didn't really want another dog, it's easier to travel with just one dog and less expensive to board. That's my rationalization and I'm sticking to it.

More cats at Friday Ark and dogs are at canine carnival

Georgia, Dangerous Times

Russia’s invasion into Georgia is a reminder that there are still men that want power and money at any cost. That there are some countries are governed by people who are willing to gobble up small states to bolster their greed. The U.S and Europe fell asleep on this one. Putin put one over on them. Well, the milk is spilt so the U.S. and Europe needs to move on. John McCain was right when he said that there needs to be a complete re-examination of U.S. relations with Russia. Canceling a planned joint military operation was a good start as well as the agreement with Poland to install a missile defense system.

Russia’s invasion also makes it more important that the U.S. takes steps to gain energy independence. If Russia destroyed the Baku-Supsa oil pipeline it would generate higher oil prices. That would be good for Russia who would get paid more for their oil and would be able to blackmail surrounding countries who depend on that oil.

Earlier this year, Obama said that he would cut the money out of our missile defense system, slow further development in future combat systems and not develop new nuclear weapons. It’s too bad that Putin and his ilk haven’t. Obama would leave the U.S. exposed now and in the future to dangerous nations and people.

It’s time for America to wake up from it’s apathy and remember we still have international terrorism, nations on a quest for domination, countries with nuclear missiles that are not stable and out-right hate us.

This is not time to elect a man who has no experience, who is not willing to secure American, who is willing to leave the defense of American in the hands of the U.N. (which is controlled by American’s enemies) and who is more at home in the lime-light of adoring fans than discipline of leadership.

A Time to Laugh

Dear Lord, I'm sorry I laughed. I know it's disrespectful but it is so funny!

(h/t Boing Boing )

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Arkansas Democrat Party Chairman Bill Gwatney

Ahh, man, what an absolutely senseless tragety! A really sad day for Arkansas. Loads of prayers for the family and friends. I hope that God will provide comfort and care for his family.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Arkansas' Smoking Tax Addiction

You'd think that the news that fewer people are smoking would be news that people would celebrate.
A total of 22. 4 percent, or 477, 434, Arkansas adults smoked last year, down from 26. 3 percent in 2002, according to the Arkansas Behavioral Risk Factors Surveillance System.

Good news, Arkansas is!
State Rep. Gene Shelby, D-Hot Springs, said he’s considering legislation to increase Arkansas’ cigarette tax by about 50 cents per pack. Raising the tax could help pay for a trauma system to help coordinate emergency medical care statewide, said Shelby, an emergency room doctor.

Yeah, it seems that all those people quiting have sent less revenue to the state's coffers. There's nothing like a state government being more addicted to tax revenue than smokers are to nicotine.

Fayetteville Arts Festival

Does the Fayetteville Arts Festival generate enough revenue to justify the city coughing up money to fund it? I've heard the question ask but the answer has always been "we don't know". The city has had to give up a lot of things in the last budget that I think are more important than the Arts Festival. If the Festival was generating enough revenue to cover the city's donation, I'd have no problem with giving it money.
The arts festival's ideal budget is $54,000, said Daniel Keeley, the director of Fayetteville Downtown Partners. So far, the group has attracted about $14,000 in in-kind donations and another $10,000 in private contributions. Another $15,000 puts the festival at $39,000.

Is there enough community support for the Festival? Ideally the Festival should be able to fund itself without asking the city for money. If the Festival Board of Directors are having trouble getting enough money, there may not be enough people interested in supporting an Arts Festival. Money is tight for everyone and I don't want to see the City of Fayetteville toss more money down another hole.

Stories here and here.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Obama Salute

A big, fat Zero. Like, zero confidence in Obama's leadership abilities.

Fayetteville, Final 3 Scull Creek Trail Bridges

Matt Mihalevich, Fayetteville's Trails Coordinator, announced that the final 3 bridges for Scull Creek Trail will be installed Wednesday August 13th.
Two of these bridges will be installed near the intersection of Prospect and Frisco Streets (named Cleveland and Frisco Bridges) and the last bridge will be installed north of Van Asche Dr. in the CMN Business Park (named CMN Bridge). The bridges will be installed by Kinco Constructors with the Cleveland bridge being the first to be installed starting at 8:00 am. The CMN Bridge will then follow at around 10:00 am and the Frisco Bridge will be installed around (?). The public is invited to watch the bridge installation, but will be required to stay a safe distance from the work area.

You will find a map to the bridges here.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Are You Racist?

Take the test, 25 reasons you may be racist. Well, damn! I said yes, 25 times. I may definitely be racist!

Friday, August 08, 2008

McCain in Rogers, Arkansas

I was able to go to McCain's fundraiser in Rogers. I'm told that this is probably the last time he comes to Arkansas. McCain started off discussing the energy problem. He chided Nancy Pelosi for not allowing a vote on drilling for oil. Americans are overwhelming in favor of drilling. He noted that while Democrats were on vacation, the Americans hit hardest by gas prices drove the furthest and drove the oldest cars. McCain said that we should pursue everything to make us energy independent. He said that for once we should copy the French who obtain 80% of their energy from nuclear power.

McCain promised that ,unlike Obama, he would not raise taxes nor would he allow government to make family health choices. He said families need to make their own health care choices. He also said that he was opposed the the Card Check bill that ,of course, Obama supports. He then turned to Iraq, declaring that we have succeeded and are winning. He said he intends to see soldiers returning from Iraq, come back in victory.

The biggest thing that struck me was the enthusiasm that McCain has for America's ability to solve it's problems. Not at all like Obama's "America is …, uh, is no longer, uh … what it could be, what it once was. And I say to myself, I don’t want that future for my children."
McCain maintains that we don't say "can't" in America. We can do it and we will do it. He said that there are problems but that America's best days are ahead of Her. The depressive, can't attitude is not what American is about.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Scull Creek Trail, Construction

The Trails Construction crew has started the section under the Fulbright Expressway. I stood in the entrance of the tunnel. Yikes, it is really dark in the tunnel! You can't see much more than 20 feet into the tunnel. I wonder what kind of lights they are going to put in? Man, it would be fun to ride a bike through this!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Tyson Is In Hot Water

Tyson is getting cooked by news that it is replacing Labor Day with a Muslin holiday Eid al-Fitr. There are even some that call for a boycott of Tyson. I do find it strange that a Union would give up the holiday that honors the struggles of workers and the role the labor movement and substitutes it for a religious holiday. From reading the comments of different postings, it seems people are more worried about the Islamification of American. There is a concern that a minority religion is given preferential treatment that Christians don't even receive. Well, if there is enough bad press I suppose Tyson can re-negotiate with the Union. The Union would negotiate because if a boycott works the workers would get fired. Tyson should just let people choose either Labor Day or Eid al-Fitr for a holiday.

Mark Pryor's Iraq Epiphany

Mark Pryor emerges from the deepest, darkest cave in Arkansas and notices that the situation has changed in Iraq. Gee, we knew about this over a year ago. Come on Mark, say it! The Surged worked and McCain was right!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Obama and Arkansas, Just Doesn't Fit

Whoa! There must be something wrong! I find myself agreeing with John Brummett. Why would Obama want to waste time in Arkansas? Besides, he still has to figure out where Arkansas is on the map.
Arkansas is very nearly the last state Obama would waste time in. So to summarize with brutal candor: Obama's biggest political problem nationally is with white rural voters and that only so happens to be the very group that decides races in Arkansas.

As John noted, these voters have a old, white fart to vote for. Actually, McCain's social and economic politics fits better with Arkansans than does Obama's. Obama is noted for being one of the most extreme socialist, liberal in Congress. Then there is Obama's anti-Americanism. People in Arkansas still honor the flag and our service men. You can be sure Arkansans noted his ditching the wounded at Landstuhl. McCain has been visiting Arkansas because he knows that he's going to get a good reception. There is a point I disagree with John.
A postscript: If Obama carries Arkansas, it'll mean there's one seriously massive national landslide for him. Which there could be.

There's a chance Obama could win, but it won't be a landslide. It'll be very close.

Fayetteville's A-Frame Signs

I never knew the A-frame signs were forbidden. I occasionally see them around and really pay no attention to them. I haven't found one that said free lunch yet. I suppose they are a good idea for shops wanting to entice people in and really good for those shops that are tucked away in a shopping center. I suppose if the ordnance passes all the shops can put them out. Just imagine it, all those signs on sidewalks everywhere. Ummm, Oh Boy! Maybe it's not such a good idea after all. A couple of cute signs are a heck of a lot different then a sidewalk littered with them. Maybe we should leave well enough alone.