Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sigh, Another One

His name is Tobias, or Toby. His name means "God is Good" and boy, has God been good to this boy. I picked him up several months ago when he ran in front of my truck on Wedington in the middle of the day. Lord, I don't know how he survived the run across 5 lanes of road. I stopped and braved the mosquito infested drainage ditch and pulled him from a bush. He was bleeding from several tears to his mouth, (fought something and lost) so I got blood on my shirt. I left him overnight at the vets because he need to have his lips repaired. The original thought was to foster him until he was healed and then get him adopted.

I was in trouble as soon as Casey saw Toby. Casey pretty much figured that he was Toby's mother and Toby absolutely adores Casey. Not content with wrapping Casey around his paws, Toby proceeded to charm the rest of the cats. At night he snuggles up to Bows. Bows has found her mothering instinct, too. I didn't realize it but the household of pets have become rather staid. Toby has certainly liven the place up. Anyway, I have come to rationalize Toby's continued presence in the house. Trixie is having a really difficult time getting up and down now. I rarely take her out of the house because she has difficulty walking. I'm expecting her to die anytime soon. I had thought to get another dog to keep Casey company, but since he has adopted Toby I'll just drop that idea. I didn't really want another dog, it's easier to travel with just one dog and less expensive to board. That's my rationalization and I'm sticking to it.

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Gayle Miller said...

When I moved from Ohio to Virginia with my two cats (Sam the Wonder Cat, then aged 6 - a Maine coon cat of testy disposition, and Tim, a bluepoint Siamese, aged 3, with a very mischievous and loving nature) And stayed with my sister for a few months until I found a house. Sam detested my sister, terrified her two dogs - one of which is a pit bull - and wanted nothing whatsoever to do with Tim any longer. When I moved out, I left Tim with my sister because during our sojourn, Tim had fallen in love with Zeus the Pit Bull and my sister - and they were equally smitten with him. I only live 2 miles away so I see him a lot - but he is much happier now having his own dog to play with! Cats are inscrutable at the best of times.