Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fired Up to Destroy Arkansas' Economy

Winter is soon approaching and many are hoping that it's not going to be a cold one. A cold winter will really hit people's wallet this year because of the higher cost of fuel. Arkansas would be one of the states hardest hit.
Arkansas continues to have one of the nation's highest poverty rates and lowest median household incomes, as high gas prices and housing worries still trouble the country, new U.S. Census Bureau data shows.

The plight of the poor in Arkansas apparently doesn't concern Fran Alexander and her fellow eco-terrorists on the Arkansas Commission on Global Warming. The proposed coal burning plant in Hempstead county would produce more needed electricity in Arkansas. More available power would keep energy prices down and it would mean that poorer families would be able to keep their lights and heat on. However, flushed with the defeat of 18 coal burning plants in Texas, Fran and her partners are attempting to do the same in Arkansas.
America should have had a sensible energy plan in place decades ago if it weren't for the success of the Fran and her friends. Their success has suppressed the energy production we need today to grow and prosper. Fuel, energy and food prices are so high today because of the actions of these terrorists who have been waging war on America's energy production. These people haven't just been battling energy production they've been attacking the poor. Arkansas is already feeling the results of their war on the poor.
"The reality of these numbers are worse than what they're showing us," said Kevin Fitzpatrick, a sociology professor at the University of Arkansas. "There are more people looking into shelters and showing up in soup kitchens and trying to access services this year in 2008 than ... last year."

How many people are going to give up heating their homes this winter because they can't afford it? How many will try to heat their homes with other cheaper, less safe methods? How many people are going to die this winter of carbon monoxide poisoning or from fires?
I like to know if Governor Beebe is going to listen to a Committee of people who have been foolish enough to have been duped by greedy scientists and a wash-up politician or is he going to listen to the suffering people of Arkansas? Is Governor Beebe's coffer filled with money from the eco-terrorists such that it drowns out the children dying in this winter's house fires?
What about jobs? More electrical plants mean that more companies could move into Arkansas. More companies would mean more jobs and more revenue for the state. Governor Beebe is crowing about his success in bringing these companies to Arkansas. Still, I wonder. Is Gov. Beebe going to listen to families needing to be gainfully employed or to the eco-terrorists?
What about the plans of these environmentalist's to reduce our dependence on oil? Senator Obama has a desired to
Put 1 Million Plug-In Hybrid cars - cars that get 150 miles per gallon - on the road by 2015, cars that we will make sure are built here in America.

I like to ask a real obvious question. Where is Senator Obama going to get the electricity to run these cars? Duhhh!
These environmental wackos frustrate me to no end. They are so blinded by their desire to protect the earth that they end up destroying an economy that makes it possible to fund the programs that protect the earth. It also frustrates me that political policies that impoverish people are made on a fraudulent theory like global warming. What's really pitiful is that people won't learn from the destruction that the Global Warming Fraud has done. Politicians and people will once again be either duped or be too cowardly to stand up for the truth.

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