Friday, March 31, 2006

Garden Naps

I was walking through the garden checking to see what was up and what I wanted to do tomorrow. I caught Bows napping on one of the stone walls.

She apparently wasn't happy that I was taking pictures because she stuck her tongue out at me. Naughty Girl!

Good news! The first crop of lettuce is ready to be eaten. Yumm! Fresh baby lettuce salad!

Coming In!

Coming In! When the days are nice I leave the window to the porch open. I leave it open just enough so the cats can go out while I'm gone. Casey decided he had to try to get in through the window. Heh,Heh! He's a clown! I had to take Casey to vet to take care of his infected ear. He's nearly completed the antibotics and the ear is clearing up nicely.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

ebay - New Orleans Bus

Yup, it's true. There is one of those infamous New Orleans buses on sale on eBay. There are people actually bidding on it too. What would they do with it? As far as I'm concerned, one should just make a monument out of a couple of them. Call it the Monument of Incompetence and Stupidity.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Starting up Your Computer

This is what a computer should do first thing in the morning! Click on the link below and then type in your first name...


It's too bad that the rest of the people in the office don't appreciate you as much!

We are not Safe!


I feel very, very afraid. These guys went through official checkpoints. What about all those places on the border that aren't guarded.

Undercover investigators slipped radioactive material _ enough to make two small "dirty bombs" _ across U.S. borders in Texas and Washington state in a test last year of security at American points of entry.

Radiation alarms at the unidentified sites detected the small amounts of cesium-137, a nuclear material used in industrial gauges. But U.S. customs agents permitted the investigators to enter the United States because they were tricked with counterfeit documents

It also makes me wonder what kind of twits they have working at the check points. How come they can't identify counterfeit documents. Also, if those alarms went off, they should have investigated what sent them off. Why didn't they do that? Sheesh, what do we have to do to get the President and Congress to seriously deal with our border problem?

Wal-Mart - Resort?

Story from the Des Moines Register

Skyler Bartels decided to spend his entire spring break at the Windsor Heights Wal-Mart. He wanted to actually live there. He made it for three days. He went in with only a cell phone, his heart medicine, his bank card, two forms of identification, and nothing else.
I admit it's something I wouldn't want to do, but I could see it being a fun idea. If the Wal-Mart is big enough, you could have a really good time. The only problem would be evading security. I've worked at Wal-Mart and it's amazing that people do come in to purchase stuff in the wee hours. They also tend to be some of the more interesting people.

Fayetteville, Republican Headquarters

I attended the opening of the Republican Party of Arkansas and the Washington County GOP headquarters this afternoon.
(Gunner Delay)
The room was crowded. I estimate that approximately 60 to 70 people were there.
(Bill Pritchard)
A number of candidates showed up. I was able to meet quite a few of them, even some of their wives too.
(Drew Griffin)
Of course there was the announcement of candidates running and introducing those that were present. Also, "you need to volunteer" and "you need to donate". OK, now that's over, we can have the featured speaker.

Asa spoke briefly mostly about his Grow Arkansas campaign. He spoke how his ideas were different from Beebe's(he has ideas?) He said we want to move Arkansas forward instead of going back to the days of corruption, broken highways and unaccountablity in schools.

I'm pretty sure Asa is telling Anne she doesn't have enough pins on.

Finally, it's Ralph's birthday. We all sang "Happy Birthday" to him.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Iraq - Three Years

The 3rd year anniversary of the freedom of Iraq has given birth to an abundance of articles reviewing the question of whether it was right or wrong. To get a thoughtful, fact filled review you had to go to the blogs and the magazines on the internet. If you read or watched the antique media one was pitched the same old Bush lied, people are suffering, it was a mistake, we should leave and Iraq is in the midst of a civil war. We would have been treated all week with all that crap if it weren't for Laura Ingraham thumping the MSM on NBC's Today show. Go Laura! For the rest of the week the MSM's biased reporting of Iraq became the news.
I was glad to see the Bush administration go out and start publicly talking about Iraq. Bush and Cheney had excellent speeches. Tony Blair spoke about Iraq too. His was great also.
Gatewaypundit had a great article with quotes from those who predicted doom and what actually happened.
One of the best articles I've read is J.R. Dunn's in the American Thinker. There are 3 parts and I've only read the first. They are a bit long but worth it. I particularly like his description of the U.S. Grand Strategy. Democrats say that Pres. Bush has no strategy to win the war. Dunn, however, lays it out.
What is the distinction between grand strategy and strategy per se? Grand strategy is the strategy of the long view, derived from national policy, involving a nation's long-term goals, its ideals, and its place in the world. As defined by B.H. Liddell-Hart, grand strategy involves

the actual direction of military force, as distinct from the policy governing its employment, and combining it with other weapons: economic, political, psychological.

George W. Bush's grand strategy for defeating terrorism is of the same order: to remake the region, replacing dictatorships with democracies in order to deprive terrorists of support – in Maoist terms, drying up the water in which the insurgent fish swim.

It is a bold concept, as sweeping as anything that has occurred in the Middle East since the collapse of the Ottomans. Its execution will require years, if not decades – it's no accident that the administration has taken to calling the effort “the Long War.”

I don't know why people fail to think long term. It's baffling that people expect a nation to just suddenly exist with all the parts of it's society in place. The Democrats I understand. They are just looking at the next election hoping to win it. At the end of the article Dunn say this:
A political solution is necessary to secure the military victories already won. This strategy will require patience, understanding, and willingness to overcome setbacks. Things are going to happen that we do not like. There will be disappointments and failures. These are not products of policy, but aspects of the human condition. None of them will be any reason to turn back or abandon the effort. Errors can corrected, failures can be overcome. And it should never be forgotten that, in the words of Churchill, the ongoing liberation of the Middle East remains “one of the great unsordid acts of history.”

I wish people realized that life doesn't go perfectly. We live constantly with our own errors and strive to press on in spite of them.
I like howIraq The Modeldescribes the US and Iraq:
Now the two strangers had to work together to accomplish a goal Iraqis knew almost nothing about; they knew that America wanted to topple Saddam and secure the oil fields but that's all they knew while America was thinking of a huge transformation for the entire Middle East with Iraq being the key to that transformation.
There was a wide gap between the two but we had no choice but to work together, because in a moment Iraqis didn't choose, America and a group of Iraqi ex-pat leaders were suddenly replacing a regime that controlled everything for too long.

He too asks the question, was it right to remove Saddam? His answer is a resounding YES! He also anticipates the hope for a better future even through the difficulties Iraq faces now.
We had to accept the change and live with all that would come along with it whether good or bad.
The democracy we're practicing today in Iraq is the exact opposite of what we had for decades and until three years ago. This democracy carries the essence of life, the differences, the dynamics and yes, the failures but also the seed of a better future.

Let us not lose hope in doing good, for in due time we shall reap, if we do not grow. Galatians 6:9

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Saturday Walk

After pulling weeds for a few hours I decided it was time to go for a walk. I took Casey and Trixie to Lake Fayetteville. The sun shines through the leafless trees, making it comfortable to walk through the woods even though it's a bit cool. With it being spring break there weren't very many people on the trail. What a beautiful day! Tomorrow promises to be just as great!

Cats & Gardens

The temperature this morning was in the 20's, but that didn't stop me from working in the garden. When it got a little warmer I started pulling the weeds from the beds in the front yard. While I was hard at work the cats were off doing cats things.
Bows was just waiting for a bird to land on the ground. Here birdie, birdie!

Eli loves nothing better than to roll around on the lawn.

Tigger lives up to his name. Attaaack! KowaBunga!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Arkansas Legislative Seat District 93

The Washington County Republican Women held a special forum of District 93 candidates. Drew Griffin, Jon Woods and Kathy McFetridge.

Jon described himself as a life-long, involved Republican. Drew spoke of growing up in NWA and is planning a family. Springdale issues were his issues. Kathy, apparently responding to questions about running years before as a Democrat, said that she believed in the values and principles of the Republican party

Asked what they considered the 3 most important issues:

Jon: 1) Education 2) Infrastructure (Highways) and 3) Tax reform.

Drew: 1) Jessica's Law 2) Medicaid and 3) Tax reform

Kathy: 1)Education 2) Tax reform and 3) Predatory Lending

In regards to Education, Jon wanted to find out where money was being spent and go from there. Drew wants quality teachers, reduced class size and getting the money into the classrooms. Kathy was interested in pre-school programs, strengthening Math and Science and having up to 65% of the money spent in the classrooms.
Asked about illegal immigration, Kathy supported a temporary worker program, Jon wanted Pres. Bush to be more active on it and would like tougher legislation. He said that illegals shouldn't get any scholarships. Drew wanted no guest worker program, crack down on illegals and more border enforcement.
On the question of an anti-abortion bill, they all said they'd support one. On the issue of health care costs, they all agreed that tort reform was needed and they'd support the Patient's Right to Know. (Legislation that would allow patients to know medical costs up front so they can compare prices). The last question was about the Highway Commission which they all agreed needs to be abolished and the highway money spend on areas of the state that are growing and generating revenue.

I talked to Kathy after the Forum. In her beginning and ending statements she talk about having run as a Democrat in a previous election and that she now was a Republican. I asked if she was always going to have to explain her positions then and now. She said that yes she was going to have to. She said even running as a Democrat she felt out of place. She was pro-life and that wasn't accepted within the Democrat party. When she ran against Dugger, some one commented to her that she had more in common with Dugger than the Democrats. I asked her what made her change to the Republican party and she answered 9/11. She said she saw how Pres. Bush and Rudy Giuliani reacted and was very impressed. She didn't vote for Bush in 2000, but voted for him in 2004. She also commented that she didn't like the positions the Democrats have been taking. She definitely doesn't like Howard Dean.

OK, now my impressions of the candidates. Both Jon and Drew are very passionate about the Republican party and want to represent the Republican ideas and principles in Little Rock. I think they'd both do an excellent job. Kathy does not publicly show the same enthusiasm and drive that Jon and Drew do. I think that will hinder her. She is more introverted and reserved. I do think that there is a great story in Kathy. What drew her to the Republican party, what did she see in Pres. Bush and Giuliani, how did the Democrats let her down? I think that would be a compelling story that would interest people.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Gov Mike Huckabee's Job Approval

March's approval rating for state Governors is out. In regards to Mike Huckabee, the demographs of the survey is pretty interesting. Out of 600 adults, 40% identified themselves as Democrats, 27% Republicans, and 31% Independent. Even with an uneven party identification, Huckabee still has a 57% approval rate.

A Cat's Nine Lives

Piper may have used up all of his nine lives. Piper, having been stuck in a tree for a week, elude his rescuers by falling from a tree, striking a branch on the way down. He fell 80 feet, apparently suffering no major injury. Piper, you are one lucky cat!


Daytime TV

I've always thought that daytime soap operas, game shows, and talk shows were pure garbage. I could never understand why people would watch that stuff. I considered those who had to watch their dailys a bit, well, um, dumb. I think I've been vindicated. A study published in the Southern Medical Journal found that:

Older women who say talk shows and soap operas are their favorite TV programs tend to score more poorly on tests of memory, attention and other cognitive skills.

A study of 289 older women without dementia found that those who rated talk shows and soaps as their favorite programs performed more poorly on tests of memory, attention and mental quickness than their peers who cited other types of shows.

What's more, they were at greater risk of showing signs of clinical impairment. For example, compared with women who preferred to watch news programs, those who favored soaps were more than seven times more likely to show signs of impairment on one of the tests, while talk show fans were more than 13 times more likely to demonstrate impairment.

If they did a study of people who listened to talk radio, read magazines and blogs, would we do better?



Although the calendar says Spring, the weather is winter. Thunderstorms kept me off the computer last night and tonight is colder than this morning. I worry about my early bloomers such as this Bleeding Heart. I hope they don't get killed off.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Hollywood, Don't Need the Red States

Jason Apuzzo opines that Hollywood doesn't need the Heartland anymore. He says:

But if Hollywood is so pitifully out of touch, how does the industry's economic train keep chugging along? Why don't market forces come crashing in on Hollywood executives?

The answer's in the numbers. The average budget for these five films was about $20 million. Their average worldwide gross? Just over $80 million - and that doesn't even include DVD revenues.

So it would seem that Hollywood will feel no pressure to make movies that are popular and make a huge amount of money. They're content to make movies for their Blue State audiences and make a smaller amount of money.
Well, at least they're not hypocrites. They're proudly promoting their liberal causes and not worrying about making gobs of money. People in the Red States will just have to get their entertainment elsewhere and accept the few movies that will appeal to us.
However, what Hollywood is doing can be done by a conservative production company. "The Passion" is one example of what can be done. Conservatives are going to have to be creative and find those movies that will cost little to make but are appealing enough to get people to the movies.

Cold, Wet Weekend

This weekend is a lost in regards to getting any yardwork done. So, I'm working on projects inside like clean the house, update the budgets, and change my blog page. I took the plunge and changed the template. I hope I moved everything that I should to the new template.

Trixie is doing what all my other children are doing, sleeping.

Faces of Tigger

OK, look straight ahead! Open your eyes wide! Good, Good!
Alright, shift to the right! No, No, my right! Fantastic! You're doing great!
Now, look to the left! Yeah, that's it. You're looking hot! Man, they're going to love you!

Russ Feingold, Comic Relief

Politics for the last few weeks have really fustrated me. I've just gotten tired of all the antics of Congress, the President and the MSM. Then, in steps Russ Feingold. His proposal to censure President Bush for his warrantless wiretapping program was just so stupid that it was funny.
Feingold's stunt made him very popular with the looney left but has further revealed how laughably kooky they are. You know, I just might enjoy the 2008 elections if they keep giving us stuff like this.
This was the best article summing up Feingold's stunt.

Arkansas Funeral Bill Proposal

From the NWA TIMES
State Rep. Jeff Wood, D-Sherwood is proposing a bill which would make it a misdemeanor for a person to picket a funeral in order to disrupt, inconvenience or annoy attendees. The bill would also allow a person to file a civil court action against the protestors. Similar bills have passed in other states.
The proposed bill has come about because of the activities of the Westboro Baptist Church and Rev. Fred Phelps Sr, the church's founder. Members of Phelps' church stand outside funeral services holding signs that say, "God Hates Fags," and "God Hates the USA." They also sing songs with anti-homosexual messages.

While what the church is doing is absolutely disgusting, cruel, and offensive, they have the right to Freedom of Speech. I really doubt that this bill would pass a constitutional review. There are other options to dealing with these people. These Guys!

Patriot Guard Riders are outstanding people making sure that the families at funerals are not bothered by the church members. Part of their mission is to:
Our main mission is to attend the funeral services of fallen American heroes as invited guests of the family. Each mission we undertake has two basic objectives.

1. Show our sincere respect for our fallen heroes, their families, and their communities.

2. Shield the mourning family and friends from interruptions created by any protestor or group of protestors.Mission

Yeah, we have scumbags disrespectful our fallen heroes, but we have wonderful people like the Patriot Guard Riders making sure that they have their funerals with honor and peace.

Probably the best part of the Patriot Guard Riders web site is their letter page. Check it out!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Got Wal-Mart, You're Next

After having passed the Wal-mart bill in January, Maryland has now declared war on every business owner. Story
The bill, sponsored by Delegate James W. Hubbard, D-Prince George's, would force businesses with fewer than 10,000 employees to put at least 4.5 percent of their payrolls toward health benefits for their workers, or pay the difference into the state's Medicaid fund.

One wonders why the legislators can't conceive of the financial burden it would place on business owners, many of which employ less than fifty.
Amy Weaver, president and director of the Daily Discoveries, said that her business, which already provides healthcare to its 40 employees, would be forced to pay an additional $16,000 per year under Hubbard's bill. Imposing another payroll tax would be devastating," she said. "I'm not willing to pay my employees less. Childcare is already an underpaid industry."

The Employment Policies Institute sent out a press release which described what effect the bill would have.
Research from economists at Dartmouth University and the University of Michigan found that healthcare mandates increase labor costs for employers, which they must pass on either to customers in the form of higher prices, or to employees through reduced hours, lowered wages, or other cutbacks in benefits.

One thing is for sure, companies are not going to be willing to come to Maryland. Businesses look for states which are going to help them reduce costs. If this bill passes, Maryland may be looking at losing business. Companies may decide it costs too much and go somewhere else. The people of Maryland had better wake up to what their legislature is doing.

Hollywood - Clueless

The New York Times reports on the annual ShoWest convention this week. The convention was aimed at movie theater owners to get them excited about the coming summer movies.

The slide in American moviegoing was an open wound at the ShoWest convention, and was addressed with unusual directness by John Fithian, president of the National Association of Theater Owners, and Dan Glickman, chairman of the Motion Picture Association of America, in their speeches here. The decline in attendance for three consecutive years "is a trend that must be reversed," Mr. Glickman declared in his address Tuesday.


The future of the industry, many here seemed to agree, lies with understanding consumer behavior toward what has been a leading entertainment choice for almost a century. "That's the real question: What do you do to stir attendance, to get people in theaters?" asked Peter C. Brown, chairman of AMC Entertainment, which has 4,400 screens across the country.


I found it interesting that no one had any idea of what was happening to the industry and maybe if some one did, they sure weren't discussing it.
Alright, I have some suggestions:.

  1. Make movies that are purely entertainment. Ones that are funny, adventuresome, and just good old fun. Ones like Narnia, and Harry Potter. Heck I've read a number of books that would make great movies.
  2. Don't make movies that politicize, bash Christians and Republicans, and don't make fun of our family values.
  3. I am not going to a movie for $10 apiece. I'm more than willing to wait to rent it or buy it cheaper.
  4. I am not going to pay the ridiculous prices for food. I can eat at home a lot cheaper and have better food.

I hope that they figure this out because they're going to keep losing money and go belly up if they don't start listening to us.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Promoting Pap Smears

This is an odd way to remind women to get their yearly pap smear. Hey, it's getting people's attention so, Shimmer go for it! in a very unique effort to raise awareness to cervical cancer prevention, today announced the world's first sponsorship of a gynecological visit for Shimmer, a long-time eBay celebrity from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Shimmer will be riding to and from her gynecologist in a limo, will undergo a gynecological exam and will be promoting and cancer prevention throughout the day.
During her visit to the doctor, she will be wearing a temporary tattoo of the logo on her chest, and will then hit the clubs handing out St. Patrick's Day-themed t-shirts, hats and stickers and, of course, promoting the necessity for women over 18 to get tested frequently.

Shimmer sells advertising on her body on e-bay. It appears that her favorate place to put the tattoo is on her chest.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Arkansas Athletic Spending

This was briefly noted on 40/29 tonight and I decided to look further into it. I have found very little information on it, just a few articles and this is the best.

A report on athletic spending was released the last week of February. This was a report mandated by law, passed during the 2004 special session and sponsered by Rep. Betty Pickett, D-Conway. The report said that Arkansas public schools spent at least $85.9 million for athletic programs last year, amounting to about $190 per student.

"I think we're getting closer to a realistic figure on what's actually being spent," Pickett said. "Still, the whole report is wrought with inconsistencies. Some of them are just flagrant."

Picket is angry because she thinks that athletic spending is high in light of the continuing battle over public school spending. Because of a state Supreme Court decision legislators are looking at increasing the amount spent per student. Currently, $1,152 per student is set aside to pay for all items outside of curriculum and instruction. About $190 of that goes to athletics.

Pickett said 10 percent of that amount is too much to direct toward athletics."I think it bothers me more now than when we first started looking at this because the school districts now have come back to us ... saying they don't have enough to operate," she said.

State Education Board member Ben Mays of Clinton, a longtime crusader for accountability in athletic spending, said he suspects districts are raiding funds intended for education to pay for sports programs. Mays contends that most districts did not fully disclose their athletic expenses. He estimates districts are spending at least $3,500 for each student involved in varsity sports. The Department of Education figures are "horribly underreported," he said.

The report doesn't say where the rest of the money goes to. If 10% is spent on athletics were does the rest go? What are the schools spending our tax money on. Athletics are the most visible program so it's easy to pick on. I'm not big on athletics myself but I do see it benefits.

I'm not sure that we're going to get any answers. Even if they figure out what money is actually spend on athletics and that it gets more than its fair share, no one is going to do anything about it. The way I see it, the legislature will raise taxes somewhere to get the education money they want. They certainly aren't going to cut any school's athletic programs. After all athletics are more important than test scores or debilitated buildings.

Monday, March 13, 2006


I stayed awake most of the night with the TV on. There was a tornado about 30 miles to the north of me. I myself was ready to duck into my safe place when the TV showed an area of rotation heading towards me. I had already thrown the cats in and was watching to see if and when I had to. But it passed just south of me and no reports of a tornado sighted. The TV this morning has been showing the damage in Benton County. They've also show hail the size of baseballs. Whew! I'm glad I didn't get hail that size.
So far no deaths or major injuries. Thank God!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Problems Working at the Computer

Why do the cats seem to think that my working at the computer is the time to be sociable?

First, there is Bows in my face trying to give me kisses.

Then, there is Eli who goes for blocking the whole screen.

Finally, there is the falling asleep on my arm while I'm typing.

Stormy Weekend

It's a busy weekend. I'm keeping the weather channel on because of the possibility of tornados. It's really windy right now and very warm and muggy. Sure doesn't feel like winter. Saturday morning I managed to begin cleaning up more of the yard. I put in potatoes and added a second crop of lettuce. It rained last night so the ground is too wet to do anything today.

The dogs are enjoying themselves. Casey is running around with his toys and bones. We started intermediate obedience Thursday. We were both overwhelmed. All of the other people have been in the class for awhile. Casey and I will have to work hard to catch up with them.

Trixie is just enjoying the sunshine.

Dubai, Congress' Mistake

Well, the Dubai terminal deal is kaput. Congress threw a hissy fit and the DPW people decided that it would be best if they withdrew. I hadn't made any comments until now because I was willing to wait for information about DPW, port operations and port security. I was apprehensive at first about the deal but as I gathered more information I was willing for DPW to run the terminal(not the port as most people report). Spurning DPW might have some long term economic and foreign policy ramification, but it certainly did not make our ports any safer.

Unlike me, Congress went nuclear without even bothering with data. I understand Democrats trying to appear as if they're concerned about national security unloading their guns, but Republicans?

It appears that Republicans were more concerned with politics and protecting their backsides. They saw how the polls were going , how it appeared that the Democrats were getting some footing on the Republican's top issue and they freaked. They made decisions base on the emotions of the issue instead of the facts. Dumb, Dumb, Dumb!

Congress' actions were disgraceful but the Bush administration deserves a great share of the blame for the way the deal blew up and got out of hand. He should have been out there explaining the deal, how port operations run, who DPW was and what they were doing for us. The Bush administration needs to revamp their PR philosophy.

It's interesting to note that some are already saying that Congress had made a mistake.

From Real Clear Politics

One more note from McCain's speech last night. Among the "straight talk" he offered to the delegates was the view that killing the Dubai ports deal was a mistake. McCain talked about depth of our relationship with the UAE, especially with regard to how much logistical assistance our Navy receives from Dubai, and how it was harmful to America's effort to win the war for the hearts and minds of the Arab people around the world. He said he felt the decision to kill the deal was premature and not handled particularly well by Congress: "The president deserved better," McCain said to a smattering of applause

Friday, March 10, 2006

Retire in Fayetteville

According to a press release from the city of Fayetteville, Where to Retire magazine, has selected Fayetteville to profile as a top retirement spot in its March/April 2006 issue. I never knew there was a magazine just for promoting places to retire. Within the next 5 to 10 years there are going to be a lot of people retiring so I suppose it makes sense.

Mayor Dan Coody said "Any time we receive national recognition like this it reinforces what those of us in Fayetteville already know - this is wonderful place to live. Where to Retire selected Fayetteville because of the high quality of life our citizens enjoy, and we are fortunate to have so many amenities and assets that are attractive to folks looking to relocate."

The editor, Mary Lu Abbot, noted that Fayetteville has many of the qualities that are important to today's retirees. "Home to the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville enjoys amenities such as collegiate-level sports, opportunities for continued education and a lively cultural scene. The Walton Arts Center presents exhibits, musical and is home to the North Arkansas Symphony Orchestra. Among other attractions, great medical facilities, a new library and bountiful natural beauty help draw retirees to this scenic city in the hills of the Ozarks," Abbot said.

Welcome y'all to Fayetteville!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Wal-Mart and Bloggers

The New York Times begins this article about Wal-Mart feeding news and information to bloggers who have written favorable of Wal-Mart. The idea being that having done so, they might continue to blog favorable. The NYT also noted that other companies have utilized bloggers also.
The majority of the article is about the bloggers posting the information given to them, in some cases word for word, without citing where they got it.
It appears that the NYT would like to ream Wal-Mart for using bloggers, but because other companies utilize them, they're trying to make an issue about the bloggers.
Alyce Lomax has managed to thump both Wal-Mart and bloggers.

Wal-Mart's strategy to repair its public image through the blogosphere has resoundingly backfired. News like this makes the company sound sneaky and underhanded, out to launch the equivalent of a corporate propaganda campaign, which of course fires up Wal-Mart's detractors even more. Meanwhile, bloggers who don't disclose their relationships with certain entities or individuals lose a heck of a lot of credibility, tarring the entire blogosphere by association, and making blogs seem that much less reliable as a source of information.

I know that reporters do not reveal where they get their information when they write an article. I'm pretty sure that they get phone calls and e-mails from the PR departments from all sorts of companies. It appears that bloggers are going to be held to a higher standard than the MSM.

Jeff Jarvis has some advice.

So my first reponse{response} is to help bloggers with advice:

If you write a post inspired by what you get from a company or its PR agent, say so. If you use facts or quotes from a company, politician, PR agent, or press release, say so (better yet, link to it). If you get anything from a PR agent — things, business meetings, social events — say so. Your public has a right to know where your information comes from so they can judge it accordingly.

And then you know what? You will be way ahead of the press

Disclosure: Wal-Mart has not contacted me with any news and information. They have not invited me to any meetings. My feelings are hurt! I live just next door and I've not been invited to the party!

Proud Conservative has received an email from a spokesman for Wal-Mart concerning the New York Times article.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Stopping the Leaks

Sometimes, you get what you ask for. Throughout the Valerie Plame leak scandal, the MSM has been demanding a thorough investigation and prosecution of the individuals who were responsible for such a dastardly deed. So, with the far more damaging leaks about secret prisons and the NSA's surveillance program, the Bush administration has been busy launching initiatives targeting journalists and their possible government sources. The administration has been doing exactly what the MSM wanted. However, they don't sound all too happy about it.
"There's a tone of gleeful relish in the way they talk about dragging reporters before grand juries, their appetite for withholding information, and the hints that reporters who look too hard into the public's business risk being branded traitors," said New York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller, in a statement responding to questions from The Washington Post. "I don't know how far action will follow rhetoric, but some days it sounds like the administration is declaring war at home on the values it professes to be promoting abroad."

You remember Bill Keller. He led the fight for the Valerie Plame CIA leak investigation, cheering the appointment of a special prosecutor with powers that exceeded even the old independent counsels.

We'll probably start hearing about the Plame leak was much worse because it was the administration getting even. The NSA and prison leaks were because some poor government worker couldn't stand the terrible things the administration was doing. They were whistleblowers, not criminals.

Cry, baby, cry! You aren't getting any sympathy. The Plame crap didn't hurt anyone. The leaks about the NSA and secret prisons have damaged our national security and left us more vulnerable.

The Bush administration has the MSM by the balls and are starting to squeeze. I hope they squeeze until they crack a few.


Saturday, March 04, 2006

Wal-Mart Good News

Sam's Club got some good news. The lawsuit filed by the Arkansas Beverage Retailers Assoc. was dismissed. The Sam's Club that will be built off of Highway 112 was put on hold because of the lawsuit. Now, they can begin construction.

The Retailer's law suit claim that allowing Sam's to sell alcohol would hurt their business. Judge Ellen Brantley said "It(the current law) appears to me to indicate that economic competition is not an interest that is protected."

Cry me a river! These liquor stores have been gouging the people of Fayetteville for years. Everyone has been cheering for Sam's because they can finally can get liquor locally at a reasonable price.

Cat Pics

Tigger looks all pooped out from a hard day. I wonder what these cats do when I'm gone?
Eli sneaked into the garage and I didn't find him until a few hours later. He didn't seem bother at all. He just found himself a place to sleep.
Bow's is meditating in the morning light or just counting all the dust particles.


Oh Boy! Am I really sore! I started to clean up the garden. I have more work this spring. I wasn't able to do a fall clean-up because I was recovering from surgery. There are leaves to mulch, shrubs to trim, beds to turn up and new beds to make. The daffodils are really blooming. I wish they'd bloom all year. I love having bouquets of them in the house.

I did find a surprise when I cleaned out some leaves in a bed. My ginger is blooming! I just love spring!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Neat Sign

Since I'm on the subject on dogs, this sign is just the cutest thing. I'm sorry I don't remember from whom I stole it from.

Too Tired to Rant

I'm too tired tonight to go on a rant about the Democrats and the MSM. I've got one in me that's just dying to get out. So I've put up Casey instead. Casey is set to graduate from beginning obedience next week. I've signed him up for Agility training, to be started in April(I hope). In the meantime we'll move on to immediate obedience training.
Casey has got himself an infected ear. I've been cleaning it for the past couple of days. I don't like cleaning ears. That gunk is the nastiest thing. I can pick up poop or vomit without any problem, but ear crap, EWWWWWWWWW!