Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Susie Q's Malt Shop, Re-Opening

I passed by Susie Q's last Saturday looking for lunch. I had specifically planned my day so that I would end up at Susie Q's. I was sooo disappointed when I saw the "Closed" sign. My favorite hamburger joint gone! I don't go to the east side of Rogers that often but when I do I always try to stop at Susie Q's. Thank you Goldie for keeping it open! I'll see if I can stop by this weekend.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Fried Bologna Sandwich?

There are a few foods that I no longer eat because they were my staples when I was a starving student. They were the cheapest food I could afford and once I started to earn a real salary I swore I'd never eat them again. The list is boxed mac n cheese, Ramen noodles, hot dogs and bologna. Bologna is now being placed on the breakfast menu of a fast food restaurant.
In the southeastern United States, a unique method of preparing bologna has long been a staple on diner menus from West Virginia to Arkansas. “Fried bologna,” actually made by browning bologna on a flat-grill, is often served in a sandwich, scrambled with eggs and cheese for breakfast, or, of course, paired with a biscuit.

Oh Lord, my stomach goes queasy just looking at Hardee's new Fried Bologna Biscuit. I've never considered bologna a "comfort food". It was always the cheapest piece of meat I could afford next to hot dogs. Think it will be a hit? I bet all those health nut do-gooders are having conniption fit.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Sweet and Gentle Trixie, 1993 - 2009

This afternoon I had the vet put Trixie to sleep. She was in pain even in spite of painkillers. She was having trouble getting up and standing up. I've been thinking about it for weeks but finally made the decision Wednesday. I started doubling up her painkillers, no need to worry if it would kill her. By Thursday evening she was nearly her old self and enjoyed a beautiful evening which I think was made especially for her. I took off early from work today, came home and gave her more painkillers. We relaxed in the backyard until it was close to her appointment with the vet. I took her, along with Casey, to the park and just let her roam until it was time.

Trixie passed away quickly and without pain. Dr Herring was absolutely wonderful. I had taken Casey with me because I wanted him to know what happened to her. His reaction was puzzling. He acted as if she no longer existed. He's as happy as he has always been. As for me I've been crying the whole week and I'll be crying through the weekend. I've already removed her bed and placed a bookcase in it's place so I won't have to see an empty space. I'm having her cremated and placed in a box which will look well on the bookcase.

Trixie was my first dog. I had rescued her when she was about 9 years old. She had the sweetest, gentlest soul. She absolutely adored people and was always willing to be petted. She wasn't much of athletic dog but she was good company on hikes until she got too old. I don't know how I got so lucky to have a wonderful dog like Trixie, but I am so grateful that God gave her to me. Good-bye Trixie, until we meet again in heaven.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Rep John Boozman, Health Bill Town Hall

I saw bits and pieces of Rep Mike Ross' Town Hall on CNN. It's absolutely amazing the differences between the meetings. Rep Ross' meeting was definitely the more rowdy bunch. I think it's because Rep Boozman and his panel acknowledged what people knew was in Health Bill.

Rep Ross seem to spend a lot of time telling people that what they said they read in the bill wasn't really in it. While Rep Ross argued with people, Rep Boozman was agreeing or sympathizing with the people asking questions or making comments. Most of the time people clapped or laughed at comments and were respectful when some one told their health story. The only time that I saw some one booed is when they said that "at least Obama was trying to get something done".

Rep Boozman and his panel did an excellent job and Rep Boozman selected a great panel to address the audience. The panel consisted of Dr Chris Johnson, Herb Sanderson (AARP), Sylvester Smith (NFIB), Elaine Longer (Longer Investments) and Jacqueline Lobb. Here's Rep Boozman's opening remarks.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Passailaigue, Going For World Record to Launch Lottery

I didn't see it on the ballet. Did the ballet say that the Arkansas legislature was to set up the Lottery in such a way that it would win the world record for launching a lottery? Did anyone see it? Must have been really fine print. At the Political Animals Club of Northwest Ark Passailaigue said they were set to win a world record. He said it's all about the scholarships. The early start would get more money for scholarships. Well, I'd rather the Legislature set the Lottery up correctly instead going for a medal.

For those who play to score a fast buck, Passailaigue said "Hopefully you win but chances are you won't". Wow, why play at all if you aren't going to win?

Responding to criticisms about the lowest income levels being the one mostly playing the lottery Passailaigue said "that may happen in other states but will not happen in Arkansas"? Yeah? How are you going to prevent that? Force people to show their pay check stub and only those above a certain income can play? This is what I saw in California. People would buy groceries with food stamps and buy lottery tickets with cash.

Did you know about Arkansas' Border Strategy? Yeah, Passailaigue said they were going to "seal off Arkansas' border". He said it was time for other states to start paying us back for the money they took and they had a lot to pay back. Gee, just make it illegal for Arkansans to possess an out-of-state lottery ticket. Have troopers stop people at the border to search for cigarettes, booze and lottery tickets.