Friday, August 14, 2009

Rep John Boozman, Health Bill Town Hall

I saw bits and pieces of Rep Mike Ross' Town Hall on CNN. It's absolutely amazing the differences between the meetings. Rep Ross' meeting was definitely the more rowdy bunch. I think it's because Rep Boozman and his panel acknowledged what people knew was in Health Bill.

Rep Ross seem to spend a lot of time telling people that what they said they read in the bill wasn't really in it. While Rep Ross argued with people, Rep Boozman was agreeing or sympathizing with the people asking questions or making comments. Most of the time people clapped or laughed at comments and were respectful when some one told their health story. The only time that I saw some one booed is when they said that "at least Obama was trying to get something done".

Rep Boozman and his panel did an excellent job and Rep Boozman selected a great panel to address the audience. The panel consisted of Dr Chris Johnson, Herb Sanderson (AARP), Sylvester Smith (NFIB), Elaine Longer (Longer Investments) and Jacqueline Lobb. Here's Rep Boozman's opening remarks.


steven estrada said...

My beef with Boozman is that he is not only unexciting and the cure for insomnia, but he has no plan or ideas of his own. Everything he does is copped from someone else. He is a nice guy, but he has no leadership ability.

I sat in on the Bernie Skoch town hall, and he is dynamic, based in facts and reaearch, and Bernie had ideas for health care that were solidly in the realm of feasibility.

Part of the anger I have seen from some of these town halls stems from the fact that the people know they are being deceived. The stories change every minute, there is a plan, there is no plan, well, if there is no plan, what are they trying to pass?

Boozman plays it safe by agreeing. Can't see it. Bernie is having another round of town halls, and I intend on attending as many as possible, and telling friends and co-workers to be there. Here is a man with a plan, that makes John Boozman look like wallpaper. In this time, we need a person like Bernie having these town halls and facing the people,

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