Monday, August 10, 2009

Passailaigue, Going For World Record to Launch Lottery

I didn't see it on the ballet. Did the ballet say that the Arkansas legislature was to set up the Lottery in such a way that it would win the world record for launching a lottery? Did anyone see it? Must have been really fine print. At the Political Animals Club of Northwest Ark Passailaigue said they were set to win a world record. He said it's all about the scholarships. The early start would get more money for scholarships. Well, I'd rather the Legislature set the Lottery up correctly instead going for a medal.

For those who play to score a fast buck, Passailaigue said "Hopefully you win but chances are you won't". Wow, why play at all if you aren't going to win?

Responding to criticisms about the lowest income levels being the one mostly playing the lottery Passailaigue said "that may happen in other states but will not happen in Arkansas"? Yeah? How are you going to prevent that? Force people to show their pay check stub and only those above a certain income can play? This is what I saw in California. People would buy groceries with food stamps and buy lottery tickets with cash.

Did you know about Arkansas' Border Strategy? Yeah, Passailaigue said they were going to "seal off Arkansas' border". He said it was time for other states to start paying us back for the money they took and they had a lot to pay back. Gee, just make it illegal for Arkansans to possess an out-of-state lottery ticket. Have troopers stop people at the border to search for cigarettes, booze and lottery tickets.

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Hardtack said...

I doubt if many, if any, Arkansawers (and Arkansans) really understand the costs of this "lottery." We were sold a bill of goods, and have no idea of what we bought.

People wanted "change" and fell for "it will be used for education." Time will tell how valid this rational was.