Monday, August 24, 2009

Fried Bologna Sandwich?

There are a few foods that I no longer eat because they were my staples when I was a starving student. They were the cheapest food I could afford and once I started to earn a real salary I swore I'd never eat them again. The list is boxed mac n cheese, Ramen noodles, hot dogs and bologna. Bologna is now being placed on the breakfast menu of a fast food restaurant.
In the southeastern United States, a unique method of preparing bologna has long been a staple on diner menus from West Virginia to Arkansas. “Fried bologna,” actually made by browning bologna on a flat-grill, is often served in a sandwich, scrambled with eggs and cheese for breakfast, or, of course, paired with a biscuit.

Oh Lord, my stomach goes queasy just looking at Hardee's new Fried Bologna Biscuit. I've never considered bologna a "comfort food". It was always the cheapest piece of meat I could afford next to hot dogs. Think it will be a hit? I bet all those health nut do-gooders are having conniption fit.


steven estrada said...

I don't know, I might give it a try.

In my younger bachelor days, I used to save all my bacon grease. Didn't need to buy cooking oil, you see. Well, during those bologna and cheese sandwish days, I used to fry my bologna and cheese in the bacon grease. When I felt like 'beefing' my sandwich up, I would put some peanut butter in there. When it was finished I had the grilled cheease, bologna and peanut butter mess.


Valerie said...

The bologna and cheese fried in bacon grease sounds fine but peanut butter? Eww!

Hardtack said...

The only way I can eat a bologna sandwich, in any way, shape or form, is with Tabasco Sauce. That hides the taste.