Friday, September 29, 2006

Printer Problems

So, you pull open up the paper drawer to see if you have paper. You pull out the toner to see if any paper is stuck under it. You open the drawer in the back to check for stuck paper. Ahhh, yes, there's the problem! An Eli stuck in the top of the printer!

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sock Puppets for Asa

This is sooooo funny!

Cephus Richard, Representative Candidate, District 92

Cephus Richard,Representative candidate for District 92, speaking at the Washington County Republican Women's monthly meeting.

Light Blogging Tonight

Not much time to blog tonight. I took some videos yesterday and was going to load them up to YouTube. Unfortunately, they are too large so I need to trim them. So, I've had to download a video editing program, install it and learn how to use it.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Mike Beebe, Take Down That Ad!

Today, Asa Hutchison has asked that Mike Beebe take down his television ads in which he claims that he will “eliminate” the grocery tax. This is after Beebe acknowledged that he was not eliminating the grocery tax any time soon. Beebe went so far as to criticize Hutchinson for saying that the tax should be eliminated immediately.
During a forum hosted by the Arkansas Chamber of Commerce in Hot Springs, Beebe asserted that eliminating the tax immediately would be a “huge mistake,” citing other, more important spending priorities as well as concerns with the “budgetary process.”

“Mr. Beebe is not only retreating from his promise to eliminate the grocery tax, but now he is actually criticizing me for sticking to my promise to get rid of it,” Hutchinson said. “If we can’t find the political will to end this unjust tax when we’re sitting on more than $700 million in projected surplus money, we’ll never do it. We’ll have 20 more years of the same inaction we’ve had for the last 20 – folks saying that they want to get rid of the tax, but always finding a reason that they can not. It’s a depressingly familiar old song.”

Hutchinson has been kind enough to help Beebe out if he didn't want to take down his ads.
As an alternative, Hutchinson suggested that Beebe could alter his current ads at little cost by simply adding a truth-in-advertising disclaimer at the end, similar to those used by pharmaceutical companies: “Mike Beebe’s claim to eliminate the grocery tax may result in inaction, disappointment and more empty promises from public leaders.”

Well, we know that Beebe is not going to change his ads. He knew from the start that he was not telling the public the complete truth. Hutchinson just needs to make sure the public really understands what Beebe is telling them. I'm sure the Hutchinson campaign is working on a really nice TV ad.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Attacking Fox News

John Brummett got his orders from the Democrat Party. Attack and smear Fox News, particularly Chris Wallace. Anything to direct attention from the lies of Bill Clinton and make Fox part of the evil Right Wing conspiracy.

From one direction came the epitome of political partisanship masquerading as journalism, meaning Fox News.

Fox dispatched Chris Wallace, one of its smarmier blenders of partisan purpose and journalistic veneer. That's saying quite a lot considering Brit Hume.

Wallace and Hume - they're worse than Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity. Wallace and Hume sound and look like reporters, just as Tony Snow sounded for Fox until the Bush White House decided to reassign him as the president's direct, not indirect, apologist. A wolf is less dangerous if he wears a wolf's clothing

The Democrats have a problem. Chris Wallace, Tony Snow and Brit Hume are widely respected as journalists. They have the honesty and integrity that's missing in the MSM today.
And, to be honest, any journalist worth his salt and granted an interview with Clinton would want to steer the discussion to 9-11 and bin Laden.

Yeah, and we'd hear the same old "we hate Bush drivel" that all the liberal media has been producing. We're tired of all those lies and crap. Fox is the one place were we are going to get the truth the dinosaur MSM, like John Brummett, would like to hide.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Politics: Blogs, YouTube & MySpace

Laura Kellams has a nice piece about how blogs, YouTube and MySpace is being used by politicians and those who are interested in politics. There are plenty of blogs with political interests, on both sides. I've only seen a limited number of videos on YouTube. Asa Hutchinson's ad is the only candidate approved one I've seen. I've not entered MySpace, so I don't know what's there. I think the candidates should consider putting their ads on YouTube. Hey, I don't watch TV all that much, so the best chance of me seeing an ad is on YouTube.
YouTube users agree to an extensive list of rules, including prohibitions against unlawful, obscene or racially offensive material. Users can flag videos as “inappropriate” or complain to YouTube to accuse other users of violations of the terms of use.

Unfortunately my lawyer said that the videos are not copywrited and it would be too expense to do so. She said not to worry about it. Politicians are used to being smeared like that. So the guy was a scum-bucket. He still got Gunner Delay's name out there.

Mmmmm. I've noticed I've gotten a bit of traffic from Welcome and look around! I'm sure there are plenty of things you'd disagree with. Feel free to make comments, however, keep them clean (no filthy language). I delete those.

Illegal Immigration; Asa Hutchinson gets it, Mike Beebe doesn't.

A good article fromDavid Sanders regarding Asa Hutchinson, Mike Beebe and illegal immigration.
At Monday night's debate, Hutchinson said he prefers a partnership on the issue between state and federal officials and highlighted a few ideas to make that partnership work. Beebe emphasized the federal government's role over that of the state.
The portion of his ad that focuses on drugs is important, but it is Hutchinson's get-tough approach to illegal immigration that will probably score him the most points with voters.

David does understand that national security and immigration (protecting the borders) are very important to Americans.
Most of the concern among Americans has been related to the influx of individuals across the nation's southern border

Americans have rejected the Senate's stupid "comprehensive immigration" plan and have embraced the Houses' "enforcement of existing laws and increased border security." The current legislation for a 700 mile fence along the border is a drop in the bucket of what needs to be done. Asa Hutchinson is planning to do what Congress should have done, training state troopers, stop employment of illegals, and provide help for employers. Mike Beebe's plan to kick it up to the federal government means that nothing will get done. It'll be the same old status quo.

Beebe,Flip- Flopping on Property Rights

From AP
Democratic gubernatorial nominee Mike Beebe on Friday said he is working on legislation that would clarify the state's protections against private property being taken for private interests in Arkansas.

WHOA! Wait a minute! Mike Beebe has been saying since the Kelo decision (June 2005) that Arkansans were protected and no further legislation was needed.
Democrat-Gazette article dated August 31st 2005, "Attorney General Mike Beebe said Tuesday that Arkansas property owners are adequately protected - much better than residents of most states - against the government taking their land for use by private developers.
Beebe, who is also a Democratic candidate for governor, said in a legal opinion that the Arkansas Constitution and numerous Supreme Court decisions make it clear that condemnation is only an option when property will be taken for public use. State courts historically have narrowly defined that type of use, he said.” (tip ArkFAm)

Why is he now saying that he's working on property rights legislation? One wonders if he is seeing some polling which puts him at a disadvantage. However, once you start changing your positions, people are going to regard you as untrustworthy. This is the 2nd time he's flip-flopped an issue. What'll be next, immigration?

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Storm Clouds

Whew! What a storm last night! Trixie spent the whole night in the closet hiding. I got over 2 inches of rain last night. This picture was taken last night from the backyard, looking north to the storm rolling in.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Morning in the Window

On beautiful mornings like this, the best place to be is the office window. It's an excellent place to catch the morning sun and watch the street traffic.

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Dig, Dig, Dig!

Casey has been digging holes in the lawn and flower beds all week. He's been trying to get thr mole that's burrowing around. Yeah, he did get it. He left it in the middle of the lawn. I got suspicious when I saw the cats huddled together. I don't know it Casey killed it or the cats. While I appreciate Casey getting rid of the mole, I don't know if I can keep overlooking the holes and the plants he's dug up.

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Voter ID Bill

Voter ID has passed the House, of course along party lines.
The bill, which faces an uncertain future in the Senate, is part of a Republican effort to complete before the November elections a package of proposals aimed at curbing illegal immigration and its effects on ordinary Americans.

Democrats were appalled. How dare we force people to show ID if they want to vote. It's bad enough they have to show ID to drink,smoke, fly, drive,write checks, and the list goes on.

My guess is that it won't pass in the Senate. Even if it does, it will be taken to the Supreme Court. Voter identification will take away the Democrat's chief excuse for losing elections. Election Fraud!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

California Morons

Oh boy! What a load of crap! Wasting California taxpayer's money suing about something that doesn't exist. I'd like to know how they are going to get any rational being to agree with their premise "greenhouse gases from their vehicles have cost the state millions of dollars". The State Attorney General, Bill Lockyer, is a Democrat. Oh Wow! Big Suprise! Big Oil, Wal-Mart, and now Big Automakers. I wonder which business Democrats are going after next?

Wal-Mart, Into the Political Arena?

Wal-Mart has pretty much stayed out of politics. This has changed because the Democrats started attacking it.
Wal-Mart, the nation's largest employer, is planning to launch a voter registration and education campaign this fall targeted at its 1.3 million employees in an effort to combat growing criticism from Democrats and labor unions.
The company's decision appears to be a response to several high-profile Democrats, including Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and four 2008 Democratic presidential hopefuls, who participated in a labor-organized anti-Wal-Mart campaign this summer.

The League of Women Voters will be helping Wal-Mart distribute voter education material to associates. However, Wal-Mart will have plenty opportunities to have discussions with associates about particular elections and politicians. I wonder how much influence Wal-Mart will have on these potential voters? What will happen if Wal-Mart decides to extend their influence to their customers? The Democrats made a serious mistake with their anti-Wal-Mart rhetoric.

Jim Holt & Jim Lagrone Fundraiser

The Pattersons are hosting a fundraiser for Jim Holt and Jim Lagrone. It is a Luau theme. It will be Saturday, Sept. 30th, beginning at 5:30. Tickets are $10. There will be some fun events: Music, Children's Carnival, Fun Auction and a Balloon Sale with great items to win. I've donated a couple of nice things for the Balloon Sale.

For tickets and directions e-mail the Pattersons at

Remember, Pray for good weather!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Asa Hutchinson, Health Care, Part II

Yeah, I know, it's about time I've finished this. I've just been a little busy.
From a news release

Expanding Access for Small Business
A) Promoting awareness of small business health insurance purchasing groups

In NW Arkansas these small businesses are everywhere. Within my neighborhood there are a handful a home-based businesses. It's really important that they can get insurance for themselves and their family members. Hopefully these home-based, self-employed people are also included.

Expanding Access for Rural Communities
D) Increase the Use of Mobile Health Clinics
I'd also like to suggest that these mobile clinics also make visits to homebound patients. Many patients have a difficult time getting out of their house.

Driving Innovation Through Technology, Reform, and New Thinking
B) Expand Health Care Savings Accounts

I really like these saving accounts. I'd like to see a big public education push on these. I don't think many people know about them.
C) Increase Arkansas' Medical Trauma Capability. Arkansas is the only state without a certified trauma center
I didn't know this. Why don't we?
the state must develop and implement a statewide trauma system that will allow the state to be more prepared to handle public health crises including epidemics, natural disasters and even acts of terrorism
I had assumed that especially after 9/11, the anthrax scare and Katrina, Arkansas would be better prepared. I'd think that this should be a major priority.

I wonder who helped develope this plan. There's some good stuff here.

Asa Hutchinson & Mike Beebe, The First Debate

Mike Beebe started out a little stronger than Asa, but he started faltering about halfway. Asa was a little stilted at first but warmed up and by the ending remarks blew Mike away.

In the opening remarks, Mike Beebe channeled John Kerry "We can do Better". Lord, aren't you just tired of hearing that.

Taxes. The issue was the taxes, mostly the grocery tax. Mike said that he'd reduce the sales tax on utilities for industry. Asa said that one of the problems with recruiting industry was Arkansas' high sales and income tax rates. He'd reduce those. Winner Asa!

Grocery Tax. Asa said that Mike's ads were mis-leading because they said he'd cut the grocery tax. Asa said since Mike's proposal was for a gradual tax reduction it was an "empty promise". There was no guarantee that the tax would be totally eliminated. Asa would eliminate all grocery tax now. He said it was unfair for struggling families and it could be replaced by growth in the state. Ahhh, yes, didn't you just love Mike's come back on that. "There you go again". Pathetic, Mike. You just aren't going to measure up to The Man.

On a question about a state lottery, Asa quickly said he's against it and gambling casinos and returned to the grocery tax. Mike responded by remarking on Asa not being registered to vote in Arkansas in previous years. Mike did a major diss on Asa's public service at the national level.

Illegal immigration. Mike did say enforce the laws, and for the state to work with the feds. He laid most of the responsibility for illegal immigration to the federal government. Asa, while agreeing to partnering with the feds, he proposed a greater role by the state. Training state police, no illegals hired by the state or state contractors, document reform and giving tools to help employers.

Security. Asa stated a Homeland Security Advisor, Emergency preparedness, and partnering with counties. Mike stressed preparedness at the local level, especially after Katrina. (I think he just admitted that Mayor Ray Nagin was ill-prepared. I wonder if he'll back-pedal and declare that it's Bush's fault.)

Closing. Mike realized he made a big mistake. He apologized and compliment Asa for his public service. After that, I'm sorry, all I heard was "blah, blah, blah". Asa, meanwhile, went in for the kill. Limited government, lower taxes, pro-life, support local rural schools, meth, and property rights. Slice and dice!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Fayetteville, Aida

I went and saw Aida at the Walton Arts Center last night. On the whole it was very good. Marja Harmon(Aida) and Leah Allers(Amneris) were fantastic. Great voices! Casey Elliot (Radames) was fine but Lord, get him a tan. He walked around the first part bare-chested and he has a good body, but he was so white. Maybe it was the lights but it kinda grossed me out. DJ Rudd(Zoser) just doesn't cut it. He just didn't have the voice to pull off evil. He is the weakest part of the show. Well, in spite of that, it was enjoyable.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Tigger, Mouse Catcher

Awww, doesn't Tigger look contented? Just like a cat whose gotten into the cream. In Tigger's case, I bet it was a mouse. He's apparently found a little colony of them. He's trotted into the house with a mouse in his mouth a couple of times this week.

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Trixie and Casey, Hiking

They look a little pooped don't they. Well, we went for a hike at Lake Fayetteville. Yes, the lake is one of our favorite hiking places. It's close and it's a really pretty place to hike.

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Scumbag Video Thief!

I am mad, furious, and really pissed off. This scumbag thief stole a clip of my video of Gunner Delay. He then proceed to maliciously use the clip out of context to make Gunner look bad. I have asked him politely and nicely several times to remove the video that he did not have permission to use. I will be filing a complaint to You Tube. That dirty, rotten, bottom-feeder scumbag.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Asa Hutchinson, Health Care, Part I

Asa released this today.
He has proposed three key approaches to addressing health care needs within Arkansas: Reducing costs, improving accessibility and delivery and driving innovation through technology and reform.
Reducing Health Care Costs
A) Promote personal responsibility in health care. Hutchinson proposed a pilot voluntary Medicaid program aimed at encouraging enrollees to take personal responsibility for their health in exchange for enhanced benefits

I think this is a really great idea. I love it! A lot of the health care problems Arkansans are paying for are preventable with early screening, treatment and a health program. It's much cheaper to get a patient on a health and maintenance program rather than dealing with an advance and chronic problem. Health problems like heart disease, diabetes, obesity, chronic lung diseases and lung/breast cancer, can either be prevented or caught early.
B) Focusing on a reduction in the use of and improvement in the treatment of the state's methamphetamine problem. .... aggressive effort to fight meth and other dangerous drugs

Hopefully alcohol abuse would be consider one of the other dangerous drugs.
C) Create an office of Arkansas Surgeon General

Interesting idea! I suppose if you set up these programs you would need some one to oversee it.
D) Create a "Governor's Council on Affordable Health Care" The Council would be charged with developing a strategic plan to lower health care costs in Arkansas,

If Asa hopes to get his programs to succeed he needs the healthcare community to get on-board. Just a word of caution, make sure that the needs of Arkansans are addressed not some special interest groups.

Fayetteville, OK for all 4 Issues

Fayetteville is now set to progress into the future. All four sales tax issues passed with an good majority. When I voted last night I had to stand in line. I usually don't have to with special elections. I was really pleased and surprised that the trails issue passed. I figured that most people wouldn't consider it that important. I can't wait to bike and walk on those trails. Mayor Coody and the City Council did an excellent job of letting voters know what they were voting for. Congratulations for such an excellent voter education campaign! It really paid off!

Monday, September 11, 2006

President Bush's Speech

Wow! He really packed this speech. He directly answered those who were criticizing the war on terrorism and the inclusion of Iraq in that war.
America did not ask for this war, and every American wishes it were over. So do I. But the war is not over -- and it will not be over until either we or the extremists emerge victorious. If we do not defeat these enemies now, we will leave our children to face a Middle East overrun by terrorist states and radical dictators armed with nuclear weapons.

A lot of people are short sighted about this war. We shouldn't have gone to war and we shouldn't have gone into Iraq. However, Bush understands what we're really fighting for:
This struggle has been called a clash of civilizations. In truth, it is a struggle for civilization. We are fighting to maintain the way of life enjoyed by free nations. And we're fighting for the possibility that good and decent people across the Middle East can raise up societies based on freedom and tolerance and personal dignity.

Will the American people catch the vision? Can they see beyond their day to day troubles and visualize the possibilities? If they can catch the dream will they be willing to make the sacrifices?
We are now in the early hours of this struggle between tyranny and freedom. Amid the violence, some question whether the people of the Middle East want their freedom, and whether the forces of moderation can prevail. For 60 years, these doubts guided our policies in the Middle East. And then, on a bright September morning, it became clear that the calm we saw in the Middle East was only a mirage. Years of pursuing stability to promote peace had left us with neither. So we changed our policies, and committed America's influence in the world to advancing freedom and democracy as the great alternatives to repression and radicalism.

Lord, grant us the grace and mercy to continue to have leadership such as President Bush. Who see the possibilities of freedom and peace and are determined to see the rest of the nation catch and keep that vision.

Another Anniversary

This past week another anniversary pass by. It's been 1 year since my surgery. I've been cancer free one year. Wow! What a year! It went by so fast! I've never felt better, except for a little trouble with sleep. Last week I finally talked to the doctor about my sleep study. Good news! I don't have sleep apnea. I'm suffering from insomnia. I can use pills or use some other natural options to get rid of it. So, I'll use pills on the weekends until I get through the book the doctor recommended. Hopefully, I can find something that will work. Lord, I hope one option isn't, stop drinking coffee!

9/11, 5 Years Later

It's been 5 years and I still cry. I find it hard to watch videos of the towers because I still see images of people jumping out of the towers. Then, there are the tears for all the brave, heroic people who died to save others. We are are blessed country to have such wonderful people.
My biggest disappointment this anniversary is people's choice to hide their head in the sand. The refusal to acknowledge the evil done and it's appetite for more.
It's a miracle that we haven't been hit again, considering the Democratic Party's intention to severely cripple the Country's ability to defend itself. We can criticize Clinton for not taking the threat of terrorism seriously. It's atrocious, that since we now know the terrible intention of radical Islam, we have people who day after day criticize President Bush's attempts to destroy terrorism and to keep 9/11 from occurring again. I'll always remember Senator Reid's comment "We killed the Patriot Act". While President Bush is trying to keep us safe, the Democrats are trying to get President Bush.
History is repeating itself and still people haven't learned. Evil must be confronted and opposed. One can try to appease it in hopes it will leave one alone, but Evil's appetite is never satisfied. Those who have victory over Evil are those who are determined to destroy it. Will the American people endure and determinedly resist and defeat the Islamic terrorists?

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Casey, Tuckered Out

This Labor Day weekend was absolutely georgeous. The weather was perfect for hiking. I took Casey out for a long hike around Lake Fayetteville. As you can see, he's pooped.

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Friday, September 08, 2006

Tigger, I Can Sleep Anywhere

Eli and Bows have their designated spots where they sleep, but not Tigger. He's usually sleeping in the most unlikely places.

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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Fayetteville, City Council Candidate, Nancy Allen

Nancy Allen was kind enough to do an interview for me at the Farmer's Market, Saturday. She is running for City Council, Ward 2.

Silencing the Story

Hugh Hewitt explains why the Democrats and the Clinton political machine are trying to edit or delete portions of the "Path to 9/11".
Monica Lewinsky makes an appearance, you see, as does Bill Clinton's videotaped testimony about his perjury. National Security Advisor Sandy Berger is portrayed as indecisive, Madeleine Albright as misdirected, George Tenet as sputtering. The film does not spare the Bush Administration its shots either, but for the left in the US the most damning thing possible is a recounting of the deep slumber concerning al Qaeda that overcame not just President Clinton but all parts of the national security apparatus throughout the '90s. The film does not damn those in charge during those years. It does however deliver a indictment of criminal negligence from which there is simply no escape.

ABC may want to accommodate Clinton, but too many people will know what was edited. After the first episode, bloggers and radio show hosts will highlighting all the pieces that ABC edited.
By attempting a programming coup against the series, the Clinton forces have brought enormous attention to the film, and for that I thank them.

I probably wouldn't have watch it myself, however with all the fuss that Clinton and the Democrats have been kicking up, I'm sure curious to see what they don't like.

A Childish Vanity

O Brother! This is really childish! I guess it's too much for them to act like the intelligent adults they claim they are.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What President Bush Really Said

Bush acknowledges secret CIA prisons. That's what the MSM is reporting. There is, of course, the Democrat's concern about the prisoners being tortured.
“Today the administration finally recognized that the protections of the Geneva Convention should be applied to prisoners in order to restore our moral authority and best protect American troops,” said Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass. “Today’s shift in policy follows the sad legacy of five years during which this administration abused our Constitution, violated our laws and most importantly failed to make America safe.”

Real Clear Politics writes these observations:
First, whenever the President brings up that the illegal combatants are not uniform, that is a clear sign to those of us in the military that these individuals are not covered by Geneva.

Second, he is very clear that the CIA Detention program remains alive and well. ONLY after all information is obtained will they be turned over to DOD for military trial. Then they will face a death sentence.

Third, the President directly attacks the opinion by SCOTUS.

Lastly, Congress is now up against the wall. There is now a "face" that the public will see in regards to this legislation. IF Congress does not pass legislation, these 14 detainees tied to 9/11 will not receive ultimate Justice. What member of Congress wants to argue for them?

I like that last part. Finally, the Democrats will have to face up to who these prisoners actually are and demonstrate why they more concerned about these prisoners than they are for the safety of U.S. citizens.

Harvard University, Shameful!

Way to go Gov. Romney!
Governor Mitt Romney today ordered all Massachusetts state government agencies to decline support, if asked, for former Iranian President Mohammed Khatami's September 10 visit to the Boston area, where he is scheduled to speak at Harvard University.

"State taxpayers should not be providing special treatment to an individual who supports violent jihad and the destruction of Israel," said Romney.

Romney's action means that Khatami will be denied an official police escort and other VIP treatment when he is in town. The federal government provides security through the U.S. State Department.

I can't believe the insensitivity of Harvard University to invite an Iranian leader who has tortured and murdered dissidents in his country. One that has declared his intention to destory Israel and the U.S. Not only has Harvard invited such a monster to speak at the university, they invited him on the eve of 9/11. Lord have mercy if you sent your child to Harvard.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fayetteville, Music at the Farmer's Market

This is just one of the groups that play around the Square at the Farmer's Market. Presenting: Possum Carvers

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Fayetteville, Jim Lagrone Campaigning

Saturday, Jim Lagrone was in Fayetteville campaigning at the Farmer's Market.

The Square was crowded because there was an art fair at the Town Center and a lot of people were in town because of the Game.

Jim received mostly positive responses from people. We handed out a lot of literature and stickers.

Jim meets Fayetteville's mayor, Dan Coody.

Of course, he occasionally discussed the Arkansas and USC Game.

Fayetteville, Mayor Dan Coody Answering Questions

Saturday, I was at the Fayetteville Farmer's Market helping out with the Jim Lagrone campaign. Mayor Dan Coody was there answering questions about the upcoming election on the Sales Tax Bond.

President Bush and Asa Hutchinson

Photos of President Bush and Asa Hutchinson from Wednesday's fundraiser.

Friday, September 01, 2006

ABC's Path to 9/11

I heard about this on Rush today. ABC's Path to 9/11
The 9/11 Commission Report instantly became a national bestseller when it was published in July 2004. Writer Cyrus Nowrasteh (The Day Reagan Was Shot) uses this historic document as the basis for a powerful story with action as gripping and far reaching as the source material itself.

There was a lot of speculation on whether President Clinton would get ABC to edit some of the less flattering parts of his administration.
Hugh Hewitt says no.
On a more practical note. I, and I am sure many others, have been sent the entire six hour program to preview and review, which I will be doing over the weekend. Edits post-distribution of the review DVDs would invite scrutiny of the very portions sent down the black hole, underscoring the episodes the censors hoped to hide.

Well, Bill is just going to have to take his lumps.

In This Corner, Jim Lagrone

Wow! Jim Lagrone is all over Charlie Daniels today. He's serving Daniels some whoop-ass. First he's coming down on the Military Vote.
Republican secretary of state candidate Jim Lagrone says Secretary of State Charlie Daniels has failed to do enough to make sure that the out-of-state votes of Arkansas military personnel get counted.
It prompted Lagrone to declare Daniels has been "AWOL," absent without leave, when it comes to the military vote.

Then he slugs Daniels with his disastrous decision to use ES&S, which is costing counties money they don't have.
Lagrone said Daniels is "blowing all kinds of numbers at us on the election, and they still are not taking care of the counties' maintenance costs."

ES&S royally screwed up in the May elections.
Last month, the company gave the state an estimated $ 390, 000 credit to placate officials upset about the companyƃ‚’s performance in the May 23 election.

But, this is not going to help the counties who are stuck with voting machines that don't work.
[Janet Miller Harris, deputy secretary of state] said it's estimated that the counties' maintenance costs for their voting machines and software will be about $ 620, 000 a year, starting in 2007. The state is considering covering part of those costs, she said

Charlie Daniels has been screwing up. However, Jim Lagrone intends to stop the bungling at the Secretary of State office.
"They don't know what's happening. They are reacting to issues, and I think the people of Arkansas want a leader who will lead, not to just react to what's happening," Lagrone said.

President Bush: Freedom of Religion

My last video of President Bush. The video shows Asa, President Bush was blocked from my view. What President Bush was saying was so good I had to put it up. Besides, Asa is looking really great!