Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What President Bush Really Said

Bush acknowledges secret CIA prisons. That's what the MSM is reporting. There is, of course, the Democrat's concern about the prisoners being tortured.
“Today the administration finally recognized that the protections of the Geneva Convention should be applied to prisoners in order to restore our moral authority and best protect American troops,” said Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass. “Today’s shift in policy follows the sad legacy of five years during which this administration abused our Constitution, violated our laws and most importantly failed to make America safe.”

Real Clear Politics writes these observations:
First, whenever the President brings up that the illegal combatants are not uniform, that is a clear sign to those of us in the military that these individuals are not covered by Geneva.

Second, he is very clear that the CIA Detention program remains alive and well. ONLY after all information is obtained will they be turned over to DOD for military trial. Then they will face a death sentence.

Third, the President directly attacks the opinion by SCOTUS.

Lastly, Congress is now up against the wall. There is now a "face" that the public will see in regards to this legislation. IF Congress does not pass legislation, these 14 detainees tied to 9/11 will not receive ultimate Justice. What member of Congress wants to argue for them?

I like that last part. Finally, the Democrats will have to face up to who these prisoners actually are and demonstrate why they more concerned about these prisoners than they are for the safety of U.S. citizens.

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