Sunday, September 24, 2006

Illegal Immigration; Asa Hutchinson gets it, Mike Beebe doesn't.

A good article fromDavid Sanders regarding Asa Hutchinson, Mike Beebe and illegal immigration.
At Monday night's debate, Hutchinson said he prefers a partnership on the issue between state and federal officials and highlighted a few ideas to make that partnership work. Beebe emphasized the federal government's role over that of the state.
The portion of his ad that focuses on drugs is important, but it is Hutchinson's get-tough approach to illegal immigration that will probably score him the most points with voters.

David does understand that national security and immigration (protecting the borders) are very important to Americans.
Most of the concern among Americans has been related to the influx of individuals across the nation's southern border

Americans have rejected the Senate's stupid "comprehensive immigration" plan and have embraced the Houses' "enforcement of existing laws and increased border security." The current legislation for a 700 mile fence along the border is a drop in the bucket of what needs to be done. Asa Hutchinson is planning to do what Congress should have done, training state troopers, stop employment of illegals, and provide help for employers. Mike Beebe's plan to kick it up to the federal government means that nothing will get done. It'll be the same old status quo.

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Harvey Edwards said...

Mike Beebe as Governor is a scary thought. He has no positive message other than that he is pro gun. So are the majority of us. The Governments first job is to provide for our safety.
When it comes to Illegal immigration I would have to say that it is as much a State problem as Drugs & Gangs they are all terrorists. I would be more confident that ASA will do what the people want and treat crime as crime. You may not want my input on drug dealers and gang members since I would gather them together and send them to Venezuela where they can be respected. If not accepted there , then a leaky tent in the Desert will do.