Saturday, September 12, 2009

Springdale, 9/12 Tea Party

Hundred of thousands of people marched to the U.S. Capital today. A few hundred showed up at the Pontiac Coffee House to watch and participate (in spirit). The rally started with a few speakers one of which was Bernie Skoch.

People were able to watch the progress of the National 9/12 march from a couple of wide screen TVs. People shouted, yelled or clapped when a speaker make a good point. During some of the commercials there was even a chance to win some books.

It would have been really great to go to Washington 9/12 Rally but it was nice to join other people and watch it together.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fayetteville Millage Tax, Global Warming

In the NWA Times today the editor (subscription required) wrote that FHS could lead Arkansas' green revolution. The whole point of the article was that one had to vote for the new HS because it would help stop man-made global warming. Yup, Fayetteville needs to build the most expensive HS, live with the state's 2nd highest property tax and build a slush fund for the Fayetteville leadership because it would stop global warming. One should be proud to waste their money on this boondoggle. Just think of all the polar bears that would be saved, the oceans would stop rising and imagine all the floods, hurricanes and forest fires ceasing to exist. As the editor said,
The measure on the ballot Tuesday, if approved, will set a wonderful example locally and around the globe. It is time for us to use our town’s growing commitment to protecting the natural environment as the exclamation point on this worthy project.

Yeah, pony up all your money for the biggest hoax played on mankind. If you vote for the millage you are a really big sucker and I'm coming by your house to sell you a bridge.

Rep Joe Wilson, I'm Sorry!

I'd like to offer my apologies to Rep Wilson. I know that he called out "you lie" to Pres Obama because of me. Through out Pres Obama's speech, I was constantly yelling "Liar" at the TV and at times I would burst out in song "Liar, Liar Pants on Fire". I guess Rep Wilson picked up on my vibes and inadvertently blurted it out. As way of apology I made a small donation to his campaign. It's nice that Rep Wilson apologized to Pres Obama. I, however, am definitely not going to apologized because President Obama DID Lie, Really Big Time Lied! President Obama needs to apologize to the American people.