Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rep Joe Wilson, I'm Sorry!

I'd like to offer my apologies to Rep Wilson. I know that he called out "you lie" to Pres Obama because of me. Through out Pres Obama's speech, I was constantly yelling "Liar" at the TV and at times I would burst out in song "Liar, Liar Pants on Fire". I guess Rep Wilson picked up on my vibes and inadvertently blurted it out. As way of apology I made a small donation to his campaign. It's nice that Rep Wilson apologized to Pres Obama. I, however, am definitely not going to apologized because President Obama DID Lie, Really Big Time Lied! President Obama needs to apologize to the American people.


reese said...


Hardtack said...

Well, he sure didn't tell the truth.

steven estrada said...

Well, to be politic, Obama did not outright lie, though he knew he was being deceptive.

The whole truth being, Obama, with the Dems in the majority, have repeatedly refused to post an amendement to ensure proof of citizenship. This elaves the door open for any public option, or any health coverage to be extended to illegal aliens.

Obama, Pelosi and Reid knew that, which is why their face went stony when their deceit was loudly denounced by Wilson.

Hardtack said...

If this health bill is so good for us, then why did Congress opt out of it?

Instead of giving us the health care Congress gets, we get the one they don't want for themselves.