Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Habakkuk; Wait for it, Wait for it ....

For the past several years I’ve been really mad at God.  I’ve identified with Habakkuk in his first chapter.  I see what’s happening with our country.  I see the violence overseas.  I’m so mad at people for electing a horrible leader in the White House, not once but twice.  I see the greed in Washington and the greed in the people.  People no longer consider honest hard work honorable.  The only thing they work hard for is taking another person’s money.    To put it bluntly, evil has taken control of our leadership.  Few in Washington push against the evil.  It has gotten so bad that Christians are despised and openly reviled in the media. People are crying out for freedom from that Christian religion.  Efforts are openly being taken to silence Christians.  So, my anger burned against God.  Why isn’t he doing anything? 

Today my anger has turned to sorrow.  I know that we are heading for destruction.  Just look at all that is happening around the world.  People are racing eagerly to that destruction.  Even the Church seems oblivious to the state of the world.  They prefer to be safely cocooned in their pews playing the Christian game.  I stand at Habakkuk 2:3.  I see it coming.  I cry with deep sorrow.