Monday, October 31, 2005


U.N. Security Council Passes Syria Resolution

tough resolution; unspecified "further action"; major diplomatic blow; passed under Chapter 7 of the U.N. Charter, which empowers the council to impose punitive measures; including the use of military force; to compel a country's cooperation; Syria's failure to cooperate with Mehlis would lead to "serious consequences

Somehow I get the feeling that Syria isn't exactly scared about the U.N.'s resolution. They're probably tossing back drinks and laughing. The U.N. doesn't have the balls to back up their resolutions.

Harriet Miers & Judge Samuel Alito

I didn't jumped in and make any comment on Harriet Miers because I was willing to wait and see what she said at her confirmation hearing. It was her 1993 speech that turned me. It was a speech of a liberal. She resigned before I had a chance to make any comments. Rats!

Listening to the President, talk radio and pundits I was struck by the difference in how Miers and Alito were introduced to the public.

Harriet Miers: Elected Dallas City Council; served in high levels of state and federal government; leader in ABA; first women to..(4 times); Lottery commission and Meals on Wheels.

Judge Samuel Alito: Clerked in federal court; federal prosecutor; US Attorney, District of New Jersey; argued cases before Supreme Court, participated and authored hundreds of appeals, expert on constitutional law and 15 years as Judge on the Court of Appeals.

OK, I'm not the smartest banana in the bunch, but even I can tell who is the better qualified.

Property Tax Reconsidered?

Probably not. There appears to be some confusion between the presentations of Kevin Springer, City Budget Manager, and Karen Minkel, long range planner. Story here and here It looks like they were using different numbers, you know, talking apples and oranges. It appears the city staff didn't realize it. There should have been a little more communication between the staff. The City Council meets tomorrow night. Hopefully they have got together and will present a more coherent picture.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Desperately Seeking Slogan

New Jersey is looking for a new state slogan. Gov. Richard Codey is asking for the public's help. (Story) Mister Snitch has a few thoughts!

Friday Cat Blogging

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This is the first cat who has owned me. I got her as a kitten 9 years ago from the local animal shelter. She is every bit the Queen she looks. She rules the house with claws of steel, which she regularly sharpens on the sofa or the desk legs. She fiercely protects her property. I have seen her chase dogs across the lawn. Funniest thing I have ever seen. Although she is one tough lady, she is extremely lavish with her cat kisses. There's nothing like being waken up with her rubbing her face in mine.

Tax Hike Passed

The Fayetteville City Council approved a 2 mills property tax hike. Story Here. It comes as no surprise. Any time a city can raise taxes it will. They are also discussing a 1 cent sales tax. I expect that too will pass.

I'd like to know why are they supporting the public library's pursuit of a 2.5 mills property tax increase? What makes them think people will support it after they've just increased it? People are already hurting from the increase of gas and are expecting a really big hit from heating costs this winter. We are already cutting our spending. Less eating out, no movies, cutting down on our traveling, reduced our cable bill and planning to spend less for Christmas.

Time for a lesson: The more you tax people, the less money they have to spend. The less money they spend, the less tax revenue you collect.

New Blogger

Guess who had started his own blog? Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert! I really like the behind the scenes look at some of his strips.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Inflating Grades?

Employers are always looking for skilled employees. What they are finding is a shortage of such employees. Currently, hospitals and other healthcare facilities are seeing a critical shortage of qualified laboratory personnel. The situation is anticipated to get worse because a lot of people will start retiring within the next 5 years. It will then get worse over the next 10 - 15 years when America's aging Baby Boomers start needing health care. This is going to affect patient care.

It's important that today's children be taught basic skills so that they can fill these positions. But, wait! What are the teachers of Arkansas doing. Grade inflation -- giving students grades that don't reflect their achievement. Story Here What is going on in the teaching profession? Are the teachers themselves so poorly educated that they have to inflate grades to make themselves look good? What's going to happen to these teachers? Is something going to be seriously done about them or will they just get a slap on the wrist? Parents, get off your tushes and get your children an education that will enable them to fill the next generation of laboratory professionals.


See additional story Here

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Honoring our Soldiers

I wonder how many production meetings the MSM had in order to create their reports on the 2,000 U.S. soldiers that died in Iraq. Such phony compassion! Where were they when Saddam was murdering hundreds of thousands of Iraqis?

If they truly wanted to honor these courageous soldiers they should have highlighted what they have accomplished. Iraqis have voted overwhelmingly to back a new constitution. With a 63% turnout, 79% supported the constitution. Check This out! This is what our soldiers are doing over there. They are fighting to give the Iraqis the choice to choose their future. In addition, they are protecting us. They are fighting terrorists in Iraq rather than here in the USA.

I am so proud of our soldiers. I pray that God continues to protect them and brings them home safely.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Political Correctness Run Amok

Found This via Michelle Malkin. Boy, I'd like to see some official try do this here in HOG COUNTRY!

The Madness Continues

Here and
(via NRO)

But, there is a flicker of sanity Here (via Res Ipsa Loquitur)

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Farmer's Market

Farmer's Market
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Saturday! Oh, what a georgeous fall day! Yep, fall has come to NW Arkansas. The weather is cool and the leaves are starting to turn. The next couple of weeks are a good time to drive through the Ozarks.

Saturday morning's I start the day by going to the farmer's market with Trixie. Trixie is my oldest golden retreiver. This is her time. She loves to greet people and dogs. She is especially loved by the children. It's their chance to pet a dog that's willing to take their pulling and tugging. This is also a good time to socialize with friends. Grab a cup of coffee and a pastry. In the background there is music. Several musicians play for money, promote their music and try to sell their CD's.

At this time of the year the market features pumkins, gourds, cool weather vegtables, fall flowers and the last of the summer vegtables. In a few more weeks they will be closing it down until spring. I will miss it!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Meeting Tonight

I have a meeting to attend tonight but you can enjoy This while I'm out.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Proposed Millage Increased

Fayetteville's City Council is proposing to levy a 2 or 2.5 mill increase. Story Here I was watching the meeting and I was confused about which increase they wanted to levy. It also appeared that some on the Council were also. The tax collected is to go to a projected 2.2 million deficit in 2006. This sounds reasonable. The estimated increase in my property tax is not going to bother me. However, the city library is going to ask voters for a 2 mill increase too. Ouch! Those two increases will definitely hurt my budget.

I haven't heard why the library is asking for more money. I consider libraries in the community as luxuries. They are nice to have but you can do without them. Gas is expected to be up 50-70% this winter and I'm looking at ways to cut expenses. Luxury items are one of the first things I get rid of. Unless the library had a very pressing reason for the money I will be voting NO! for the millage increase.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Creating a blog.

Well! Getting this started is taking a little time, especially if you want to add some bells and whistles. I think it will take me several weeks to make this blog what I want it to be. My admiration has really gone up to all of those who've created one.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Dressing up for the Fair.

War Eagle Part II

There is so much to see and buy! Pottery, woodcrafting, quilting, soaps, perfume, jewelry, clothes, toys, painting, and FoooD! I went looking for Christmas presents and ornaments. I've been decorating my tree in the primitive sytle, mostly wood and tin shapes.

One does a lot of walking so I make sure I wear something very comfortable and have a light jacket for the cold morning. Other people, however, dress a bit differently. Festive, aren't they?

Dressing up for the Fair.
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War Eagle Mill & Bridge

War Eagle Mill & Bridge
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I've finally done it! I have been thinking about creating this for months. I have been reading some really great blogs so I've been timid about writing my own. An event occurred in my life (more on that later) which pushed me to finally write.

This weekend is craft fair weekend in NW Arkansas. This is greeted will joy from those who like to shop and the businesses who love the thousands of visitors. There are also the moans of pain from those who have to endure the traffic thousands of visitors make.

The most well know fair is the War Eagle Craft Fair. It is held on the grounds of a working mill and is spread out on either side of the War Eagle River. Cars and pedestrians cross to either side via a one-lane iron bridge. You just need to sqeeze real tight and try not to fall off the bridge or step in front of a car.