Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Proposed Millage Increased

Fayetteville's City Council is proposing to levy a 2 or 2.5 mill increase. Story Here I was watching the meeting and I was confused about which increase they wanted to levy. It also appeared that some on the Council were also. The tax collected is to go to a projected 2.2 million deficit in 2006. This sounds reasonable. The estimated increase in my property tax is not going to bother me. However, the city library is going to ask voters for a 2 mill increase too. Ouch! Those two increases will definitely hurt my budget.

I haven't heard why the library is asking for more money. I consider libraries in the community as luxuries. They are nice to have but you can do without them. Gas is expected to be up 50-70% this winter and I'm looking at ways to cut expenses. Luxury items are one of the first things I get rid of. Unless the library had a very pressing reason for the money I will be voting NO! for the millage increase.

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