Friday, October 14, 2005

War Eagle Mill & Bridge

War Eagle Mill & Bridge
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I've finally done it! I have been thinking about creating this for months. I have been reading some really great blogs so I've been timid about writing my own. An event occurred in my life (more on that later) which pushed me to finally write.

This weekend is craft fair weekend in NW Arkansas. This is greeted will joy from those who like to shop and the businesses who love the thousands of visitors. There are also the moans of pain from those who have to endure the traffic thousands of visitors make.

The most well know fair is the War Eagle Craft Fair. It is held on the grounds of a working mill and is spread out on either side of the War Eagle River. Cars and pedestrians cross to either side via a one-lane iron bridge. You just need to sqeeze real tight and try not to fall off the bridge or step in front of a car.

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