Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Curtis Coleman Concerned About Sen. Baker's Governorship Ambitions

Curtis Coleman has pointed out what some people have been tip-toeing around in Gilbert Baker’s Campaign.

“I found Sen. Baker’s statement to be both curious and concerning. Curious, in that Sen. Baker has said that he’s running for the U.S. Senate to lay the groundwork to run for Governor in four years and that if he wins the Governor’s race, he’ll resign his Senate seat.

Coleman is publicly saying what people have been whispering about in the background. Apparently, it’s fairly well known among political circles that Sen. Baker’s ambition is really to be Governor of Arkansas. His plan, I’m told, is to win the Senate seat then run for Governor. If he wins he thinks he will then get to name his Senate replacement. I’ve been told this by a number of well-placed people in the Republican Party.

The Tolbert Report has follow up from the Coleman and Baker Campaigns:

I followed up with Matt LaGrone, political director for the Coleman Campaign, on the accusation that Baker will quit in four years to run for governor. LaGrone tells me that Baker told Coleman this personally in a private conversation and they have heard it from numerous other people but could not point me to a source where Baker has said this on the record. LaGrone said they would back off this issue if Baker will commit to not running for governor in four years if elected to the Senate.

I asked Alice Stewart, Campaign Manager for the Baker Campaign if she had any responce to Coleman’s press release. Gilbert Baker is running for U.S. Senate and is committed to serving just two terms. Nothing more, nothing less,” said Stewart.

Rumors, Gossip, Hearsay? I think it’s a legitimate question to ask Sen. Baker.

Robertson Speaks, Christians Groan

I just hate it when a Christian leader makes a stupid remark. You just cringe because you know that it going to be spread all over and gives the impression that’s what Christians really believe. I think I represent most Christians who are going to what we can to help those who have been victimized by this terrible trauma, rather than to speak judgment upon them on behalf of God.

Dear Pat, please preach the Gospel as much as you want but please keep your mouth shut (Francis of Assisi) and read a little book in the Bible called “Job”.

In Haiti, American’s Greatness Shines Again

Americans are called once again to give to a nation that has been devastated. Contrary to those who think Americans are selfish and evil, we will once again response with compassion and generosity. Even in the middle of a recession, we will dig down deep and pull out money to help Haiti. Remarkably, Red Cross has already raised $1 Million+ through text message donations. Other aid agencies such as the Salvation Army, Feed the Children and Catholic Relief Services are preparing resources to deliver to Haiti. Interestingly a number of friends have commented via Twitter and Facebook that their own churches have missions in Haiti and are making plans to help. We need to not only pray for the Haitians who are suffering, but also for those who are in Haiti helping with rescues. It’s dangerous work and there are still earthquakes occurring.

It's our nation at its finest. When there is a disaster, it's the Americans who come to the rescue. American, a nation born through the Grace and Goodness of God, is now the hope arising out of the disaster. We who have been so blessed by God are giving from our blessing.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Fayetteville City Council, Amended HMR Tax

Tomorrow night, Fayetteville City Council will be voting on referring an amended ordinance to the voters at a special election, possibly in March. The amended ordinance (No.3900) would allow the use of the Parks Hotel, Motel & Restaurant Tax (HMR) to be used for the maintenance of City Parks. Tonight’s Parks & Recreation Advisory Board (PRAB) had a lively discussion about it. We all approve of the flexibility the amended ordinance would give the Parks Department in using the funds for needed maintenance. Fayetteville has been very good in building more parks and trails and Fayetteville has the best parks and trails in NWA. The added trails and parks have placed a burden on the Park’s maintenance budget and the amended ordinance would help.

There is a flaw in the proposed amended ordinance. Members of PRAB were concerned that it would be possible for the City Council to eliminate Park maintenance from the General Budget and have all of the Park’s Maintenance money come from the HMR. The City Council would do it to help with balancing the General Budget, particularly attractive if that budget was say 2 million dollars in the red. Theoretically the Parks budget could lose over a million dollars and the citizens of Fayetteville would lose the ability to develop and construct current or more parks.

I’m sure the current City Council members would say they wouldn’t do that but there will come a time when a City Council would do it. That’s just the “nature of the beast”. It’s just too big of a temptation to take the money from the Parks budget to keep other General Budget items in the black. I’d like to see some limitations on the ability of the City Council to reduce or eliminate the Park’s Maintenance item from the General Budget. If you are a Fayetteville resident please contact your Alderman or come to the City Council meeting tomorrow, 6:00 PM, City Hall, if this is something that would concern you.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Churches Feeling the Recession

It really interesting why people are piling all over Rick Warren's Saddleback Church's request for money. I got one from my church and most of the other non-profits I support. They've all been asking for more money because of budget shortfalls. I've seen a lot of requests in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette and on TV for people to help out NWA's non-profits. Strange, no one complained about them asking for money.

I know my church is having to help more people out because of the economy. Heck, even our small groups go out and volunteer at one of the local charities or help out an individual family. I know our local food banks and shelters are serving more people.

Fine, if you don't like the idea of giving money to a church then just shut up and donate to an organization you like. If you don't like an organized religion and especially the big one that is your right. Just don't slam the people who do go to these churches and use it as a focus to help people.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Looking Good, Casey!

I took this while at Lake Fayetteville. Casey was running around in the snow having a good time. This is a one in a million shot. I just had to share because he is looking so good.

2009, Just Plain Pissed Off

I don’t remember a year that I’ve ever felt so angry. I don’t remember a year in which I yelled at the radio and TV so much. I swear my co-workers thought I was going bonkers because they’d hear me making pointed comments at apparently no one. They’ve learn to ignore my outbursts.

Never have I thought so little of my fellow Americans. How could they be so dumb to elect this President and these Congressmen to office? How could they be so blind to what is so obvious? The HopieChange was really all SmokenMirrors. We have a President and a Congress determined to destroy America’s wealth and security. President Obama and his fellow Democrats are willing to destroy America and turn it into their ideal Socialistic playground. I can see the dangers out there and it’s so maddening that so many people are oblivious to the coming disasters. It’s like watching a building go up in flames with thousands of people inside and being helpless to stop it. You see the death and destruction that’s going to occur and you are powerless to stop the ones who started the fire and unable to get people to put it out.

It’s been so frustrating to have your own Senators totally ignore the desires of their citizens. They have spit in the eyes of Arkansans and told us to shut up. Their offices have been overwhelmed with people telling them NO! but they just turned a blind eye and did what they desired. We have so much blatant corruption occurring in Washington. So much so they aren’t even ashamed of it any more. The Democrats said they were going to drain the “swamp of Corruption” but they just added more to the sewerage and arrogantly told people to “Shove Off” when confronted.

The stench from Washington is overwhelming and the Media, which should be exposing it, have slipped into bed with the Democrats. The MSM have even gone so far as to mock and abuse those who have been pointing out the corruption and Democrats desire to destroy America...

The elections of 2010 are where I hope that those who are as angry as I will begin to clean out Washington. While many look at the national elections, the Senators and House members, I hope people also look to their state and city legislators. It is time to put Legislators in office that will not look to impoverish people. It is time to have Legislators that will honor and uphold the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It is time to have Legislators that will honor American’s freedoms. It is time to have people in office with solid Morals. We need to put people in office who aren’t greedy for power and money. If we don’t do it now, America may be lost.