Sunday, January 03, 2010

Churches Feeling the Recession

It really interesting why people are piling all over Rick Warren's Saddleback Church's request for money. I got one from my church and most of the other non-profits I support. They've all been asking for more money because of budget shortfalls. I've seen a lot of requests in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette and on TV for people to help out NWA's non-profits. Strange, no one complained about them asking for money.

I know my church is having to help more people out because of the economy. Heck, even our small groups go out and volunteer at one of the local charities or help out an individual family. I know our local food banks and shelters are serving more people.

Fine, if you don't like the idea of giving money to a church then just shut up and donate to an organization you like. If you don't like an organized religion and especially the big one that is your right. Just don't slam the people who do go to these churches and use it as a focus to help people.

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