Wednesday, January 13, 2010

In Haiti, American’s Greatness Shines Again

Americans are called once again to give to a nation that has been devastated. Contrary to those who think Americans are selfish and evil, we will once again response with compassion and generosity. Even in the middle of a recession, we will dig down deep and pull out money to help Haiti. Remarkably, Red Cross has already raised $1 Million+ through text message donations. Other aid agencies such as the Salvation Army, Feed the Children and Catholic Relief Services are preparing resources to deliver to Haiti. Interestingly a number of friends have commented via Twitter and Facebook that their own churches have missions in Haiti and are making plans to help. We need to not only pray for the Haitians who are suffering, but also for those who are in Haiti helping with rescues. It’s dangerous work and there are still earthquakes occurring.

It's our nation at its finest. When there is a disaster, it's the Americans who come to the rescue. American, a nation born through the Grace and Goodness of God, is now the hope arising out of the disaster. We who have been so blessed by God are giving from our blessing.

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