Friday, January 01, 2010

2009, Just Plain Pissed Off

I don’t remember a year that I’ve ever felt so angry. I don’t remember a year in which I yelled at the radio and TV so much. I swear my co-workers thought I was going bonkers because they’d hear me making pointed comments at apparently no one. They’ve learn to ignore my outbursts.

Never have I thought so little of my fellow Americans. How could they be so dumb to elect this President and these Congressmen to office? How could they be so blind to what is so obvious? The HopieChange was really all SmokenMirrors. We have a President and a Congress determined to destroy America’s wealth and security. President Obama and his fellow Democrats are willing to destroy America and turn it into their ideal Socialistic playground. I can see the dangers out there and it’s so maddening that so many people are oblivious to the coming disasters. It’s like watching a building go up in flames with thousands of people inside and being helpless to stop it. You see the death and destruction that’s going to occur and you are powerless to stop the ones who started the fire and unable to get people to put it out.

It’s been so frustrating to have your own Senators totally ignore the desires of their citizens. They have spit in the eyes of Arkansans and told us to shut up. Their offices have been overwhelmed with people telling them NO! but they just turned a blind eye and did what they desired. We have so much blatant corruption occurring in Washington. So much so they aren’t even ashamed of it any more. The Democrats said they were going to drain the “swamp of Corruption” but they just added more to the sewerage and arrogantly told people to “Shove Off” when confronted.

The stench from Washington is overwhelming and the Media, which should be exposing it, have slipped into bed with the Democrats. The MSM have even gone so far as to mock and abuse those who have been pointing out the corruption and Democrats desire to destroy America...

The elections of 2010 are where I hope that those who are as angry as I will begin to clean out Washington. While many look at the national elections, the Senators and House members, I hope people also look to their state and city legislators. It is time to put Legislators in office that will not look to impoverish people. It is time to have Legislators that will honor and uphold the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It is time to have Legislators that will honor American’s freedoms. It is time to have people in office with solid Morals. We need to put people in office who aren’t greedy for power and money. If we don’t do it now, America may be lost.


Hardtack said...

They (the American People) wanted change, and they got it.

Also, it was hard for many to distinguish the difference between the Republicans and Democrats. Hope the Republican Congress this year remembers that.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutly right! Have you noticed that new credit card laws are mostly in favor of credit cards and not the people..Also millions spent to get a health reform that gives the insurance companies more power... not us