Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fayetteville Millage Tax, Global Warming

In the NWA Times today the editor (subscription required) wrote that FHS could lead Arkansas' green revolution. The whole point of the article was that one had to vote for the new HS because it would help stop man-made global warming. Yup, Fayetteville needs to build the most expensive HS, live with the state's 2nd highest property tax and build a slush fund for the Fayetteville leadership because it would stop global warming. One should be proud to waste their money on this boondoggle. Just think of all the polar bears that would be saved, the oceans would stop rising and imagine all the floods, hurricanes and forest fires ceasing to exist. As the editor said,
The measure on the ballot Tuesday, if approved, will set a wonderful example locally and around the globe. It is time for us to use our town’s growing commitment to protecting the natural environment as the exclamation point on this worthy project.

Yeah, pony up all your money for the biggest hoax played on mankind. If you vote for the millage you are a really big sucker and I'm coming by your house to sell you a bridge.


steven estrada said...

Well, they have to sell it somehow, as the basis for the tax is a boondoggle.

Considering the tax won't just build a school, but will also give a bunch of perks, over and above wages, to people who really do not need these perks. Such as new cars for ANY school official that has the least kind of administrative title. So even the cafeteria boss gets a new Chevy, while the engineering dept of UA has one 12 year old Lumina to share among four staff.

They are stealing money, and fooling people into voting for the privilege. All for that other boondoggle, Global Warming, oh wait, they changed it, again. Now it is Climate Change.

Anonymous said...

Hardtack said...

A friend said, "Follow the Money." If you want to track an action or a tax, just follow the money. Al Gore has been made rich off the global warming scam. I have yet to see him change his living standards. He is laughing all the way to the bank.