Saturday, September 16, 2006

Fayetteville, Aida

I went and saw Aida at the Walton Arts Center last night. On the whole it was very good. Marja Harmon(Aida) and Leah Allers(Amneris) were fantastic. Great voices! Casey Elliot (Radames) was fine but Lord, get him a tan. He walked around the first part bare-chested and he has a good body, but he was so white. Maybe it was the lights but it kinda grossed me out. DJ Rudd(Zoser) just doesn't cut it. He just didn't have the voice to pull off evil. He is the weakest part of the show. Well, in spite of that, it was enjoyable.

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Anonymous said...

I loved the show. Saw it in Fayetteville and Ames, Iowa. I agree about the leads being great. Casey (Radames) is especially good, but in Fayetteville he was too white. He now has a tan! Acting was good by most. The dancers, the ensemble are very good too. Ames, Iowa show was better. Everyone seemed more comfortable with their character and it was smooth. You really could loose yourself in the show and enjoy it.