Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11, 5 Years Later

It's been 5 years and I still cry. I find it hard to watch videos of the towers because I still see images of people jumping out of the towers. Then, there are the tears for all the brave, heroic people who died to save others. We are are blessed country to have such wonderful people.
My biggest disappointment this anniversary is people's choice to hide their head in the sand. The refusal to acknowledge the evil done and it's appetite for more.
It's a miracle that we haven't been hit again, considering the Democratic Party's intention to severely cripple the Country's ability to defend itself. We can criticize Clinton for not taking the threat of terrorism seriously. It's atrocious, that since we now know the terrible intention of radical Islam, we have people who day after day criticize President Bush's attempts to destroy terrorism and to keep 9/11 from occurring again. I'll always remember Senator Reid's comment "We killed the Patriot Act". While President Bush is trying to keep us safe, the Democrats are trying to get President Bush.
History is repeating itself and still people haven't learned. Evil must be confronted and opposed. One can try to appease it in hopes it will leave one alone, but Evil's appetite is never satisfied. Those who have victory over Evil are those who are determined to destroy it. Will the American people endure and determinedly resist and defeat the Islamic terrorists?

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