Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Attacking Fox News

John Brummett got his orders from the Democrat Party. Attack and smear Fox News, particularly Chris Wallace. Anything to direct attention from the lies of Bill Clinton and make Fox part of the evil Right Wing conspiracy.

From one direction came the epitome of political partisanship masquerading as journalism, meaning Fox News.

Fox dispatched Chris Wallace, one of its smarmier blenders of partisan purpose and journalistic veneer. That's saying quite a lot considering Brit Hume.

Wallace and Hume - they're worse than Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity. Wallace and Hume sound and look like reporters, just as Tony Snow sounded for Fox until the Bush White House decided to reassign him as the president's direct, not indirect, apologist. A wolf is less dangerous if he wears a wolf's clothing

The Democrats have a problem. Chris Wallace, Tony Snow and Brit Hume are widely respected as journalists. They have the honesty and integrity that's missing in the MSM today.
And, to be honest, any journalist worth his salt and granted an interview with Clinton would want to steer the discussion to 9-11 and bin Laden.

Yeah, and we'd hear the same old "we hate Bush drivel" that all the liberal media has been producing. We're tired of all those lies and crap. Fox is the one place were we are going to get the truth the dinosaur MSM, like John Brummett, would like to hide.

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