Friday, September 01, 2006

ABC's Path to 9/11

I heard about this on Rush today. ABC's Path to 9/11
The 9/11 Commission Report instantly became a national bestseller when it was published in July 2004. Writer Cyrus Nowrasteh (The Day Reagan Was Shot) uses this historic document as the basis for a powerful story with action as gripping and far reaching as the source material itself.

There was a lot of speculation on whether President Clinton would get ABC to edit some of the less flattering parts of his administration.
Hugh Hewitt says no.
On a more practical note. I, and I am sure many others, have been sent the entire six hour program to preview and review, which I will be doing over the weekend. Edits post-distribution of the review DVDs would invite scrutiny of the very portions sent down the black hole, underscoring the episodes the censors hoped to hide.

Well, Bill is just going to have to take his lumps.

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