Sunday, September 24, 2006

Politics: Blogs, YouTube & MySpace

Laura Kellams has a nice piece about how blogs, YouTube and MySpace is being used by politicians and those who are interested in politics. There are plenty of blogs with political interests, on both sides. I've only seen a limited number of videos on YouTube. Asa Hutchinson's ad is the only candidate approved one I've seen. I've not entered MySpace, so I don't know what's there. I think the candidates should consider putting their ads on YouTube. Hey, I don't watch TV all that much, so the best chance of me seeing an ad is on YouTube.
YouTube users agree to an extensive list of rules, including prohibitions against unlawful, obscene or racially offensive material. Users can flag videos as “inappropriate” or complain to YouTube to accuse other users of violations of the terms of use.

Unfortunately my lawyer said that the videos are not copywrited and it would be too expense to do so. She said not to worry about it. Politicians are used to being smeared like that. So the guy was a scum-bucket. He still got Gunner Delay's name out there.

Mmmmm. I've noticed I've gotten a bit of traffic from Welcome and look around! I'm sure there are plenty of things you'd disagree with. Feel free to make comments, however, keep them clean (no filthy language). I delete those.


rita said...

Congrats on getting mentioned in the article....which was, btw, one of the few I've seen that didn't talk about bloggers as if we were some kind of freaks.

Anonymous said...

Val, congrats for the great press!!! I can't believe those guys are getting away with stealing your intellectual property and then making fun of you on their blog (


Valerie said...

I briefly went to to see what they were doing with my video. I realized that they were part of the Unhinged, Looney Left. It doesn't suprise me they're making fun of me. You make fun of people when you've lost the argument. Actually, it's a badge of honor to be attack by them.

Anonymous said...

At least i'm not part of the limp-wristed, metrosexual right like Gunner DeLay.

I'm pretty sure I saw him at the Pink Papaya getting a manicure last week.

Valerie said...

Really! You think so! I might see Gunner Saturday. If I do, I will ask him if he's been at the Pink Papaya.