Friday, September 01, 2006

In This Corner, Jim Lagrone

Wow! Jim Lagrone is all over Charlie Daniels today. He's serving Daniels some whoop-ass. First he's coming down on the Military Vote.
Republican secretary of state candidate Jim Lagrone says Secretary of State Charlie Daniels has failed to do enough to make sure that the out-of-state votes of Arkansas military personnel get counted.
It prompted Lagrone to declare Daniels has been "AWOL," absent without leave, when it comes to the military vote.

Then he slugs Daniels with his disastrous decision to use ES&S, which is costing counties money they don't have.
Lagrone said Daniels is "blowing all kinds of numbers at us on the election, and they still are not taking care of the counties' maintenance costs."

ES&S royally screwed up in the May elections.
Last month, the company gave the state an estimated $ 390, 000 credit to placate officials upset about the companyƃ‚’s performance in the May 23 election.

But, this is not going to help the counties who are stuck with voting machines that don't work.
[Janet Miller Harris, deputy secretary of state] said it's estimated that the counties' maintenance costs for their voting machines and software will be about $ 620, 000 a year, starting in 2007. The state is considering covering part of those costs, she said

Charlie Daniels has been screwing up. However, Jim Lagrone intends to stop the bungling at the Secretary of State office.
"They don't know what's happening. They are reacting to issues, and I think the people of Arkansas want a leader who will lead, not to just react to what's happening," Lagrone said.

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