Sunday, March 19, 2006

Hollywood, Don't Need the Red States

Jason Apuzzo opines that Hollywood doesn't need the Heartland anymore. He says:

But if Hollywood is so pitifully out of touch, how does the industry's economic train keep chugging along? Why don't market forces come crashing in on Hollywood executives?

The answer's in the numbers. The average budget for these five films was about $20 million. Their average worldwide gross? Just over $80 million - and that doesn't even include DVD revenues.

So it would seem that Hollywood will feel no pressure to make movies that are popular and make a huge amount of money. They're content to make movies for their Blue State audiences and make a smaller amount of money.
Well, at least they're not hypocrites. They're proudly promoting their liberal causes and not worrying about making gobs of money. People in the Red States will just have to get their entertainment elsewhere and accept the few movies that will appeal to us.
However, what Hollywood is doing can be done by a conservative production company. "The Passion" is one example of what can be done. Conservatives are going to have to be creative and find those movies that will cost little to make but are appealing enough to get people to the movies.

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