Sunday, August 17, 2008

S.F., Welcome Pediophils!

An initiative coming before the voters in S.F. attempts to decriminalize prostitution. The initiative says that S.F. police resources would not be used to enforce any state laws against prostitution. The initiative appears to provide cover for child molesters. Many of the prostitutes on the street are underage and abused.
Yet the San Francisco ballot measure completely ignores the prostitution of children. The measure simply states, "Law enforcement agencies shall not allocate any resources for the investigation and prosecution of prostitutes for prostitution." Astonishingly, there's no exemption that encourages police to enforce the law for minors."

Was the measure written like this knowingly and deliberately? The problem is ,knowing the depravity of S.F., you have to consider that S.F. intends to become the place to get sex any way you want it, even with children. Organizations trying to help these children and get them off the street are not going to get any help from the city. S.F. has pretty much told their children that they don't care that they are abused and used. S.F. has truly tossed it's children in the trash.

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