Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Arkansas' Smoking Tax Addiction

You'd think that the news that fewer people are smoking would be news that people would celebrate.
A total of 22. 4 percent, or 477, 434, Arkansas adults smoked last year, down from 26. 3 percent in 2002, according to the Arkansas Behavioral Risk Factors Surveillance System.

Good news, Arkansas is!
State Rep. Gene Shelby, D-Hot Springs, said he’s considering legislation to increase Arkansas’ cigarette tax by about 50 cents per pack. Raising the tax could help pay for a trauma system to help coordinate emergency medical care statewide, said Shelby, an emergency room doctor.

Yeah, it seems that all those people quiting have sent less revenue to the state's coffers. There's nothing like a state government being more addicted to tax revenue than smokers are to nicotine.

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harleyrider1978 said...

Air quality test results by Johns Hopkins University, the American Cancer Society, a Minnesota Environmental Health Department, and various researchers whose testing and report was peer reviewed and published in the esteemed British Medical Journal......prove that secondhand smoke is 2.6 - 25,000 times SAFER than occupational (OSHA) workplace regulations:


All nullify the argument that secondhand smoke is a workplace health hazard.
Especially since federal OSHA regulations trump, or pre-empt, state smoking ban laws which are not based on scientific air quality test results.
Mark Wernimont
Watertown, MN.
US Supreme court decision 1992 NEVER OVERTURNED...

A U.S. Supreme court decision during the early 1970's ((Lloyd Corp v. Tanner, 407 U.S. 551 (1992)) said a place of business does not become public property because the public is invited in.

So, by that same reasoning. A restaurant or bar is not public property. We need to support small business and stop regulating them out of business.

Listen and listen good, these bans were never about health. That story about health has been used for well over 100 years. The last time prohibition came down was 1919. The last forty years prior 1919 saw the same lambasted health studies back then on alchohol and tobacco. There is nothing new here going on except the date is changed and the nannies promoting it. The cause is still in effect of the prohibitionists arm. People will always have a certain amount of the ”I WANT TO CONTROL YOU” attitude.