Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Washington County Fair, Wednesday Night

I manned the Republican Party's booth at the Washington County fair for a few hours tonight. Oh boy, it was so nice and cool! Other summers it has always been so hot. Candidates are stopping by and talking to people. We put Mark Martin to work blowing up balloons. Working the booth is fun because you get to eat, drink, hang out and talk.

Erval Frayley, Washington County Judge Candidate, has quite a crew working for him. They've put up a really nice booth and he has everyone working hard.
I've noticed that there weren't very many rides. My favorite, the Ferris wheel, wasn't in the midway. I was told that some of the rides didn't make it from Missouri. Bummer! The food is good though! You have to stop at the Cattleman's Association. They make a mean cheeseburger and the blackberry cobble is great.

UPDATE: Thursday Eve, the Ferris wheel is up!

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