Monday, August 25, 2008

Fayetteville, Motercycle/Scooter Parking

I've had a scooter for several months now. I purchased a used one when gas was just over $3 and quickly rising to $4 and rumors that it would go up to $5. As work is less than 10 miles away, I thought the scooter would work fine for me. I have been extremely pleased with it. I have saved quite a bit of money and I am able to utilize my truck on the weekends without having to shell out more money. I would like to have more parking spaces for motorcycle and scooters. I do park in a regular parking space, but I feel bad about taking up the whole space. I also worry that people think a space is empty, pull in and realize that there is a cycle there and hit it. I like how Dickson Street has the cycle spots in front of Jose's. There needs to be more of them around Fayetteville. It would be nice if the larger retailers were to re stripe a few parking spaces and designate them for cycles.
I really enjoy riding the scooter and I will probably keep riding it even as gas goes lower. I really like the money I'm saving and really love the early morning ride. Heck, if I can some how manage it monetarily, I'd move up to a motorcycle.

Parking Story

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