Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Energy Ads in the Paper

I was reading through a section of today's Arkansas Democrat Gazette where I notice that there were several large ads regarding the energy issue. One ad was from a coalition of diverse businesses, one from the American Petroleum Institute. and one from a research group. The ads were placed to
educate consumers on America’s energy resources and the need to increase domestic supplies to help create jobs, grow the economy, and lower energy costs for American families. Thomas Pyle, president, issued the following statement:
"Liberal activists have treated American energy like a four-letter word for decades, even though it’s the key to our prosperity and our high standards of living in the United States," Pyle said. "These individuals and organizations would have American citizens believe that their country is running out of oil and natural gas, that what does remain cannot be produced safely, and that development would only have a negligible effect on price. These assertions are patently false."
The pressure against the Democrats is still growing strong. The Republicans are going to make this a major issue come November. McCain has used the Russian invasion of Georgia to emphasize why American needs to have supply of oil that is not compromised by unfriendly countries.


Anonymous said...

The hidden give and take agendas of high level diplomacy are allowing the US and NATO to appear tough in their new strategic partnership with Poland. Meanwhile, Russia maintains the appearance of strength because it has repatriated Abkhazia and South Ossetia.... The russian military has not been active,furthermore, since Chechnya and military personnel need to experience fulfillment of purposefullness too otherwise morale and discipline deteriorate and dimishes the quality of performance during emergency conditions. I would suspect that the casualties experienced by Georgians resulted from cautionlessness. Georgian peacekeeping activities in Ossetia and Abkhavia were not cost effective at all. the populations completely rejected their authority. Russian ops will produce a clean break Pareto Superior outcome, Win-Win.... Comments are sometimes as indescipherable as affective emotional signalling.
Conversations, like People magazine, are better reads because of their visual content.

Quasi said...

Why don't humans just WALK, like cats? That way, I'd never have to go to the vet and ANWR would be safe.

Anonymous said...

quasi... please read thoroughly to discover the impacts on ANWR and what they are actually talking about. I am not saying drill off the california coast. or kill anything to get oil but go where it cheapest and easiest until we have financed ourselves scientifically beyond the hyrdocarbon age (whose end I will live past). How long did the bronze age last (more than 2000 years)?

Valerie said...

Quasi said "Why don't humans just WALK, like cats?" Becuase walking to your destination would take much too long. This is from a person who thinks the microwave heats too slow and downloading an album in 3 minutes to also too slow.

Hardtack said...

The idea of getting of of hydrocarbons (other words OIL) and replacing it with something else is a dream. We, for better or worse, are addicted to oil; not only for our cars, but also for transportation (buses, planes, taxis), agriculture (tractors, fertilizers), prescriptions (Pill boxes, etc), and quite a number of other items.

ANWR is a swamp. Out of the entire area, the drilling footprint is about the size of a postage stamp. It is interesting to note, those people who would be most impacted by drilling are the ones requesting it. They realize and totally understand the concept of drilling and both the benefits and hazards of such. Personally, I wish that many would get out of the Bambi mentality and grow up.

Other sources of energy, right now, is a dream. However, it could soon turn into a nightmare, if the Old Farmer's Almanac is correct on the winter forecast. Even if there is such a thing as viable alternative energy, those who are espousing such forms are very reluctant to allow any method of transporting that energy to a point that it is open to all.

Oh yes, one other point. Guess what oils those windmills? Oil, and guess what provides the constant source of energy if the winds die??? Oil. We are not able to get off oil, unless there are those who want us to go back to the dark ages; or more be like China (where the wealthy ride and the rest of us ride bicycles.) But that might be the goal of the Watermelons. Green on the outside, Red in the middle.