Thursday, August 14, 2008

Georgia, Dangerous Times

Russia’s invasion into Georgia is a reminder that there are still men that want power and money at any cost. That there are some countries are governed by people who are willing to gobble up small states to bolster their greed. The U.S and Europe fell asleep on this one. Putin put one over on them. Well, the milk is spilt so the U.S. and Europe needs to move on. John McCain was right when he said that there needs to be a complete re-examination of U.S. relations with Russia. Canceling a planned joint military operation was a good start as well as the agreement with Poland to install a missile defense system.

Russia’s invasion also makes it more important that the U.S. takes steps to gain energy independence. If Russia destroyed the Baku-Supsa oil pipeline it would generate higher oil prices. That would be good for Russia who would get paid more for their oil and would be able to blackmail surrounding countries who depend on that oil.

Earlier this year, Obama said that he would cut the money out of our missile defense system, slow further development in future combat systems and not develop new nuclear weapons. It’s too bad that Putin and his ilk haven’t. Obama would leave the U.S. exposed now and in the future to dangerous nations and people.

It’s time for America to wake up from it’s apathy and remember we still have international terrorism, nations on a quest for domination, countries with nuclear missiles that are not stable and out-right hate us.

This is not time to elect a man who has no experience, who is not willing to secure American, who is willing to leave the defense of American in the hands of the U.N. (which is controlled by American’s enemies) and who is more at home in the lime-light of adoring fans than discipline of leadership.

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Hardtack said...

It is all about oil and control. He that controls the oil, controls the country (and a good part of the world).

I just don't see Barack having it in him to take on the likes of Putin. Once KGB always KGB. Russia is coming back.