Thursday, August 28, 2008

Arkansas Cruelty to Animals, Again

So it happens again, another report of a horrific animal cruelty case. Sigh, it’s another teenager involved again. It this what Arkansas is teaching their children? That it’s perfectly fine to mutilate animals. It is really shameful that Arkansas is one of 5 states that hasn't enacted felony animal cruelty laws. It's time, folks, for Arkansas to make it plain that it is socially unacceptable to intentionally cause unnecessary pain, suffering, and/or death of an animal.


Hardtack said...

To me, it is a bit ironic that many who will sign on to this bill will not provide the same rights to the unborn.

Anonymous said...

Does the bill still have the provision that allows any animal rights activist to make a FELONY arrest?

We might need a felony for animal abuse, but we certainly don't need left wing crazies acting as police.