Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Gov. Beebe, Tire Plant Yes, Electrical Plant No!

While Gov. Beebe is working with Texas to convince that nasty, dirty Cooper Tire and Rubber Co. to keep its tire plant in Texarkana open, the Sierra Club and Audubon Society are trying to keep a coal-fired power plant in Hempstead County from being built. Gov. Beebe is working hard to keep those jobs and income from taxes in Arkansas.
Texarkana's plant has 1,400 workers. Local officials say Cooper Tire annually pays between $90 million and $100 million in direct wages.

The Sierra Club and Audubon Society are working to further impoverish the people in southwest Arkansas.
But Turk (plant) represents an economic boost to supporters in southwest Arkansas, where it would generate about $38 million in sales- and property-tax revenue and an annual payroll of $9 million.

Isn't this just rich! Gov. Beebe is working hard to keep a tire manufacturing plant (think oil product) in Arkansas because of the devastation the lost of jobs will have on Texarkana not to mention the loss of tax revenue. I don't imagine that a tire manufacturing plant is any less polluting than a coal burning electricity plant. Why isn't Gov. Beebe working just as hard to get the Turk plant built? Not only will it bring jobs and tax revenue but it will keep electricity inexpensive for customers in Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas.

Ahh, global warming! The biggest scientific hoax in history is once again going to devastate the poor.


Anonymous said...

You are un-informed. I happen to have worked in that "nasty, dirty Cooper Tire" Plant (BTW it is a pretty clean plant)and have also been in a Coal Powerplant. They are nothing alike...maybe you should visit facilities before you blast them. Your only comments that are correct are on the leftist environmentalist.

Valerie said...

Hmm, I guess you didn't get that I was being sarcastic. My Bad! The nasty dirty comments are in reference to what the environmental extremists think about the plants. You know, they are bad for the planet, bad nasty polluting plants.