Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Obama, Supporting Dictator Hopeful Manuel Zelaya

Pres. Obama joined his buddies, Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and Daniel Ortega, in condemning the Supreme Court and Congress of Honduras for ousting Pres. Manuel Zelay out of the country. Ex-Pres. Zelay was trying to set himself up as a dictator like his buddies but was stopped.
The generals move came at the unanimous--yes unanimous--behest of a congress outraged by Zelaya's not-particularly-subtle attempts to extend his hold on power indefinitely. It followed a series of clearly unconstitutional moves on Zelaya's part, including his attempt to unilaterally remove the chief of the army, which, according to Honduras's Constitution, can only be done by a congressional super-majority. And congress's request had been seconded by the nation's Supreme Court, which is sworn to uphold a constitution that explicitly makes the act of "inciting, promoting or backing the continuation in power or re-election of the President of the Republic" punishable with the loss of Honduran citizenship.

I tell you it hasn't been easy to find the real story behind Zelaya's departure. Obama's State Run Media hasn't been telling the truth about the situation in Honduras. They are either covering up Pres Obama's complete ignorance about Honduras or more likely covering up Obama's Marxism. While Pres Obama joins with his buddies in claiming that Zelaya was the victim of a military coup, the Hondurans beg to differ. Pres. Obama wants to hide the fact that the military was acting by a court order and that the Congress had asserted itself to protect the constitution.
Finally, I want to remind everyone that this was not a military coup, this was the arrest and destitution of a criminal president, with the help of the military. Proof that it is not a coup, is that as of this moment we already have the Constitutional State of Right re-established, with a new president, and new cabinet. Let us Hondurans be, we have already defenestrated what was causing us such stress, division and unrest, and we will reunite ourselves, to again perform our right of suffrage in 5 months. This is what we want. We ask the international community to take a closer look of our situation, and not allow other states such as Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua and Ecuador, to interfere with what we have chosen. We, the people of Honduras, have chosen: that is Democracy.

Pres. Obama, Bugger Off! Leave the people of Honduras alone!

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Anonymous said...

Andy Adkins at 6:48pm June 29
"when you step on a banana peel you have to keep from falling on your tail, you don't want to be lurching all over the place all of the time. Short term stability is alright, isn't it? Under the circumstances" (Deacn Acheson) The circumstancs Acheson alludes to are the revolutions and coups that began appearing all over the place in the 1950s....... Read MoreWhat he missed about the regional history of Central America, however, is that revolutions and coups serve the function of elections there; that is, they became virtually the only method to assure the transfer of power that thus brings about necessary change. )Inevitable Revolutions by Walter Lafeber...."The real issue facing american policy is not how to peserve stability in the face of revolution, but how to create stability out of revolution" Hans Morgenthau. The only choice is whether America will work with revolutionaries to achieve a more orderly and equitable society, or whether Washington will work to try to cap the upheavals until the pressures builds again (temptations of the Luxury of Power) to blow the society apart with even greater force.

Hardtack said...

Well, my great aunt talked about Birds of a Feather. President Obama related to those leaders of countries that he felt most comfortable with, and the idea of freedom scares him. He is afraid that he will be next, as with any socialist.

Of course, when we read of what is going on there (if we can get an accurate picture from the MSM), we then can look at trying to regain our own freedom. Big Brother is scared of freedom. Of course, there are those who are scared with the responsibility that comes with freedom.