Monday, January 22, 2007

Blogger 4 Life

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How much is a person worth? Not much according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. George Will asks ACOG what his son, Jon, and others like him did to deserve ACOG's death sentence. What is it about his existence that troubles the esteemed doctors?
One of the jobs I had in college was to take care of handicapped students. "Cindy" was confined to a wheelchair due to muscular dystrophy. My job was to give her a shower and get her to bed. Cindy had limited use of her arms, but could type on a computer modified for her. Her ambition was to finish college and become a writer. She was one of the funniest and happiest people I've ever met. I attended high school with Mark, who also suffered with MD. Oh man, this kid was a hoot! He would chase girls down the halls with his wheelchair or give them rides. He was funny and so nice to be around.
These 2 so-called handicapped people are exactly the ones ACOG is attempting to exterminate. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong! These two have enrich mine and others lives. Because of them, I look at the potential handicapped people have. I cherish the impact they've had on my life. As George Will said "They were loving and being loved."

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