Thursday, January 25, 2007

ERA, Now Gay Rights Amendment

Our local ultra-liberal moonbat Rep Lindsley Smith is once again attempting to get the Equal Rights amendment ratified by the Arkansas Legislature. Many legislators have already agreed to co-sponsor her bill. The ERA was once passed by Congress, but was never ratified by the required number of states and it eventually expired.
So, why would Rep Smith and other ultra-liberals like her want to get it passed in the legislature and why should we care?
The passage of the ERA would put gay rights into the U.S. Constitution. The amendment reads "no discrimination based on sex", and doesn't specifically mention women. Passage of the ERA would legalize same-sex marriage and would basically pass the gay/lesbian agenda. The gay marriage ban passed by over 70% of Arkansans would be abolished.
How will they get it passed if time limits for state ratification has expired? Well, they are hoping for some liberal, extremist, activist judge to say time limits are unconstitutional and that the ERA has no time limits. So, Rep Lindsley and her ilk would just have to get more states to ratify it and voilĂ , a new Gay Rights Amendment in the Constitution. Sneaky little devils aren't they?

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Anonymous said...

You really need to check your facts about the ERA. It would do none of those things. "Sex" means gender, not "sexual orientation." Show me a controlling court case that says otherwise. Don't point me to a rambling dissent in a city court case. Those aren't controlling. Ask a lawyer.

Hooray for Ms. Smith!