Sunday, May 13, 2007

Washington County Republican's Lincoln Day Dinner

I attended the Republican's Lincoln Day Dinner with guest speaker Karl Rove. The regular protesters were there, although I was a bit surprised on how few were present. Karl spoke on the differences between the Republicans and the Democrats. He focused on 2 of them, 1. Taxes and Spending and 2. The War. He said the Democrats are planning to make the largest single tax increase in American History over the next 5 years. It will hit every American who works and pays taxes. The biggest losers will be those currently paying at the 10% rate. It will go up to 15%. Democrats believe that any day is a good day to raise your taxes. The fastest way to kill American economic recovery is to raise taxes.

Karl said the war was decades in coming. It began in the Beirut Barracks in 1984. The question we now face is will we stay and prevail or are we going to leave and lose. It would not be like America to leave our promises unkept, our friends and allies abandoned and our security put at greater risk. This is the focus and philosophy of your government and of this administration. Victory in Iraq, nothing short of Victory.

The evening belonged to our troops. Nearly 50 soldiers with their spouses or family were given free tickets to the event. Corsages and boutonnieres were provided to them by Asa and Susan Hutchinson and all the women were given bouquets. They were individually recognized on stage with Congressman John Boozman and Karl shook hands with them as they came offstage. I heard them make comments on how much they enjoyed the evening and the wives appreciated having an evening out where they could dress up.

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