Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Rant, The Rich Are Greener

Much of the foundation of the environmental movement is based on pure lies, distortions of questionable “science” and out and out fraud by politicians and “scientists”. Americans are depicted as evil for developing new technologies and living the good life. In order to achieve our wealth we raped the Earth and now we must be punished for it. We must strip ourselves of all the conveniences we enjoy because they pollute the Earth and we must live that impoverish life that keeps the Earth pure. President Obama and Congress are set to make sure that the American people achieve that Green Lifestyle. They are set to unleash the mother of all taxes on Americans to combat the fraudulent disaster called global warming. The EPA is set to regulate CO2 under the Clean Air Act. Stop Global Warming, Don’t Breath!

Of course, President Obama and Congress are absolute idiots and their plans to save Earth aren’t going to work. The real problems in the world are largely tied to poverty and the oppression and corruption that facilitate it. John Tierney

In dozens of studies, researchers identified Kuznets curves for a variety of environmental problems. There are exceptions to the trend, especially in countries with inept governments and poor systems of property rights, but in general, richer is eventually greener. As incomes go up, people often focus first on cleaning up their drinking water, and then later on air pollutants like sulfur dioxide.
As their wealth grows, people consume more energy, but they move to more efficient and cleaner sources — from wood to coal and oil, and then to natural gas and nuclear power, progressively emitting less carbon per unit of energy. This global decarbonization trend has been proceeding at a remarkably steady rate since 1850, according to Jesse Ausubel of Rockefeller University and Paul Waggoner of the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station.

Instead of impoverishing the rich in America, President Obama and Congress need to take steps to make the poor rich. If they continue on their current trend more people are going to be impoverished and they aren’t going to care about polluting the earth. They are going to live in cheap houses that aren’t energy efficient, they are going to drive their cars until they fall apart and they aren’t going to buy those more expensive “green” products.

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Hardtack said...

Of course, President Obama and the elite will be exempt from any of the burdensome taxes that are imposed on the rest of us.

Just like in Russia, the Politburo travelled in nice cars, had special shopping privileges, even had special road to travel while the rest of the population didn't. Everyone else had to live in substandard housing, either walk or ride bikes, and live under the constant watch of the KGB.

Interesting enough, those countries that are experiencing the greatest environmental damage are countries like Russia and China.

Consensus, the popular buzz word of many in the left, replaces what use to be called, "The Minority Report."