Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Party Fayetteville, WOW!

Those of you who couldn't drag yourself out to the Tea Party at the Town Center in Fayetteville need to slap yourself across the face, several times. This was a historic day and you missed a fantastic event!

I got there early and there were already several hundred by my count. (Yes, I can count that high!) As time progressed the crowd got bigger. More people stated arriving after 5 PM. Those hardworking people who came after work.

I turned around after a speaker finished and WOW!
People had filled in the courtyard and in some of the stairways and even a few across the street on the Square. They were saying that about a Thousand people had come out. It's difficult to count because the Square has so many nooks and crannies.

The MSM, Congress and the President may just want to write this whole movement off, but they do so at their peril. The people here weren't Democrats and Republicans they were coming together as Americans. Americans that were sick and tired of an unresponsive, overspending, wasteful government. The biggest frustration I heard was people trying to contact their Congressmen and being given the brush off. People were no longer going to be ignored.

Nearly every speaker spoke about doing the next step. Yes, it's great that people were at the Tea Party, but they needed to do more. Everyone was encouraged to join other groups to change the government from the Congress to city governments. People were encourage to action, do something, anything. Nothing was going to change in Washington unless they did something.

Laurie and the Tea Party Committee did an absolutely wonderful job! Everything went smoothly and there were no disruptions. The speakers were not elected officials even though there a few of the state representatives and Washington Country JP's present. I have a few videos that I hope to get up soon. They need a little bit of editing.

UPDATE: Little Rock pictures!


Hardtack said...

It was nice. Now if everyone stays committed and gets others involved. We can still get our country back, but it is just short of too late to do so. We have an election coming up soon. We need to remember, and we need to remember those who come here, say one thing, but when the get to Washington, their loyalties go to the party. Ignorance is so expensive.

Good to see you there, along with Butch (the only JP I saw there, though there could be others.)

nanc said...

it was a great day for arkansans - my post on the event. cannot wait for the next event.