Saturday, January 01, 2011

The Remember Tour

So, another year has passed and we are faced to another. Like many, I have a list of projects I’d like to get done this year. A few on the list are the same recurring ones that I just never seem to accomplish.

Never Forget to Remember

In church this evening the pastor had us list what God has done or how He has work last year. Ok, I started listing some of the good things that have happen or the challenges that I’ve overcome. I’ve also realized that I’ve missed out on a lot of opportunities. Usually, at this time of the year I think about what I didn’t get accomplished. Heh, my first journal entry of the new year is usually a rant at God. I get mad and frustrated because I feel that He’s responsible for my inability to accomplish my goals. Yup, there I was pounding the table, furious with God, because every year it’s the same old things. I’d really like to know when I will see success.

Remember Forward

Yeah, I wondered what the heck that meant too. The pastor said that we remember how good, strong and faithful God has been in the past. He said we should walk with God and confidently move forward based on what we know God has done in the past. So, I will once again strive to achieve the goals I continually list each year. Maybe, just maybe I’ll actually pull it off this year. Happy New Year!

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Ron Stauffer said...

Please contrast listing WHAT God HAS DONE with listing as many of The Curses, that permeate and plague America, destroying 1000s of lives daily, 24/7 - as you can, in just 5 minutes THEN relate HOW and WHY each has-come to fruition THEN email all-this to

(thx, Ron Stauffer)