Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Another Snow Storm

I woke up this morning with it raining ice. I saw that the trees and shrubs were getting a coating of ice. Boy, did I pray that it would transform to the promised snow soon. I didn't want to have falling limbs again. I did make it to work but left within a few hours after 4/5 inches had accumulated. I wanted to make sure I got home in one piece.

So, I'm home early and I should do something productive. Hmmmm, that nap was so good! I fell asleep listening to Rush and woke up to 2 cats cuddle next to me and the dog trying to push me off the sofa. It was still snowing but I went outside got the birdies some food and played with Casey for a bit. Didn't stay out long because that wind was really cold. Took a peak at the temperature. Ouch, 14 degrees. That will seem warm with this Thursday's projected low of minus 5.

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