Saturday, July 26, 2008

Arkansas Republican State Convention, 2008

9:55 AM If this a first? I will attempt to live blog the Republican Party of Arkansas State Convention. I managed to get an internet connection in the meeting room. Yahh! It'll make up for the fact that I left my camera battery at home. Bummer! The Convention is just about to start.

9:25 AM In the middle of the administrative business and committee reports . Jim Burnett was elected as the Convention Chair and Jennifer Park as Secretary. French Hill from the McCain Campaign gave an update. He exhorted delegates to turn out for McCain. He said there was too much at stake to remain ambivalent. McCain will be making a visit to NW Arkansas, August 8th. I'll post details later.

11:00 AM We have a special speaker, Governor Mike Huckabee. He said that he was in Rwanda the past 9 nine days. He explained that he was a little late getting back to the U.S. because during take-off the plane lost the engine on right side. Fortunately, they noticed it before the wheels retracted. Mike spoke about the difference between McCain and Obama. He said that Obama was running for President of Europe while McCain was campaigning for the President of the U.S. He spoke of Obama's plan to increase taxes particularly on small businesses. McCain, he said, was for less taxes and less excessive spending. He also chided Pelosi's, Reid's and Obama's unwillingness to have America utilize our own energy resources. The Democrates do not support the Drill Here, Drill Now campaign. Mike said that McCain may not be our first choice (Mike wasn't my first choice either) but it's important that we support him now because we don't want Obama as President. Mike congratulated Obama for being the first black securing a national nomination. He said it was a good thing for America that he won. That being said, we cannot allow Obama to be President because of his liberal, socialist ideas. We need to support McCain, Mike said, because he has the firm, clear, decisive leadership that the U.S. needs.

12:30 PM Interesting debate on proposed Amendment 2, which would have legislators come back the second year for a budget session. Those opposed to the Amendment call it big government, which Republicans abhor. Those who support the Amendment call it open government. Donna Hutchinson said that we don't know who is proposing what stays or goes in the budget. Mark Martin said that some one will be making decisions on budgets, it will either be the bureaucrats or your elected legislator. There was a straw poll and the support for the Amendment won.

1:30 PM Last of the Agenda. Congratulations to the 2008 proposed electors, Jim Burnett, Reta Hamilton, Gov. Mike Huckabee, Phyllis Kincannon, Steve Lux, Kermit Parks. The Republican Party of Arkansas' 2008 Platform was accepted. Asa Hutchinson gave the closing remarks. He repeated that this election was critically important. We are voting for an American President not an American Idol.

Well, it was interesting trying to live blog an event. It is challenging trying to pay attention to what was being said and typing it up and editing it. After it was finished was the hardest. I'm trying to write, people wanted to talk and things are being picked up and put away around you. I enjoyed the experience and learned a couple of things. If I live-blog the Convention again, I'm going to ask for some help with some details from the Party.

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