Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dan Coody Runs Again to Save Fayetteville

Is Dan Coody taking the credit for everything that is happening in Fayetteville? Does this mean that the citizens, city committees and city council took no part in projects in Fayetteville. Was it all because of Superman Mayor Dan Coody?
Planning like the City Plan 2025 and the Downtown Master Plan; the airport funding itself; completion of Dickson Street renovation and the new senior center; improvements on College Avenue that "will knock your socks off"; a schedule for repaving streets; rebuilding intersections; three new fire stations that came in on time and under budget; forming the Fayetteville Economic Development Council; and improvements on the city's trail system were among accomplishments Coody listed.

It just appears awfully egotistical that the city of Fayetteville would be nothing without Mayor Dan Coody. I just happen to think that there are others who would do just as good as a job as Coody and possibly better. I know one thing. I would like a leader to admit to his/her mistakes instead of blaming others.
He went on to say that a New York Times article explained that major projects - private and public - cost much more than anticipated all across the United States.

When it was revealed that it would come in over budget and behind schedule, Coody assumed the responsibility, although true legal accountability for the troubled project rested in the lap of the city’s entire sewer committee.

So the reasons he mentioned this time were familiar: The project’s original cost had been unrealistic, inflation had driven the cost much higher, as had unusually high price increases on everything from cement to steel and copper. Finally, the response to Hurricane Katrina had pushed construction costs up on other projects all over the country.

Coody, as Mayor,is responsible for overseeing all the projects in Fayetteville. I guess he was off napping somewhere or off on one of his trips.

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