Saturday, July 05, 2008

Fayetteville's Farmers Market, Gone to the Dogs

Saturday morning the Farmers Market featured a Dog Parade. The parade was organized by Walt Eilers, candidate for Fayetteville Mayor. The purpose of the parade was to get dog owners organized to get Fayetteville an appropriate dog park. Walt said that he want each quadrant in Fayetteville to have a dog park. I really doubt that is a possibility but Fayetteville does need a really nice dog park. The one at the Animal Shelter is too small and is mostly used by the shelter for their rescue dogs.
I myself would like to see an off leash dog park. I went to the one in Lawrence, Kansas. It was very nice with open spaces, a forested area and steams. There have been efforts in the past to get a dog park, but every area suggested for a park was rejected by non dog owners. It sure would be nice if Fayetteville dog owners got organized this time and made the dog park a reality.

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