Monday, February 09, 2009

Cupid Missed!

The weirdest thing happened as I was getting ready to leave for the Washington County Re publican's Lincoln Day Dinner, Saturday night. I was walking out of the back door through the garage to my truck (sitting outside the garage). I stopped walking because I saw something whizz by me and thunk, hit something on my left side. I looked down and saw the arrow. I was almost hit by an arrow! Holy Crap! Shocked and incredulous at what I saw I called the police. They responded pretty quickly and was just as mystified as I was.

There is an abandoned house and field just to the right of my home. Some one was probably practicing and really, really missed their target. They hit the inside of my garage window instead. At least they were lucky enough not to hit me. The arrow was low enough not hit any major organs but it would have hurt hitting any of my lower extremities. Thank God! He really had my Guardian Angels working overtime that night.


Anonymous said...

Thoughts on Bobby Jindal? In General, I like my presidents to have the stateliness of age and its wisdoms

Valerie said...

Jindal post coming soon.